Rita’s Party Week: 29/1 to 4/2/18

29/1 Another week. Rita had another bad night coughing. Mainly work day though Rita popped out late morning for a sunbed and we then met at the gym for a workout. Quiet evening- early bed.

30/1 Rita had an even worse night. Busy work day. Rita headed to hairdresser to get some colour in her hair. Stopped at 4 and did a little TV catch up. Rita’s hair looked great. P said he’s pop round with steaks and he got here for around 7pm. I cooked them snd after settled down to a fun social. Rita and I went to bed after midnight and made love slowly before falling asleep.

31/1 Woke around 9 and started work soon after. P left around 11am and early evening Rita and I headed to HH for a talk on astrology which turned out to be dreadful. Had a some drinks there and headed home and an early night. Played with Rita a little in bed till she came and then fell asleep.

1/2 Awoke and spent day working with a break at lunchtime to go to gym together but made a mistake and took my phone ! Then home and had expected details of a private party planned for tonight. Anyway having had to deal with umpteen texts from this couple reconfirming we would go - then on the day nothing - not even a sorry we have changed their plans. Some people on this site are just ignorant! Decided to party at home and so watched some erotic films on TV and we then fucked and then went downstairs where we cuddled and played till we fell asleep.

2/2 Up at 9 and had a quiet work day. Rita went round to her youngest’s flat to do her usual clean and wash. Rita got back late afternoon. Got a PP delivery and settled down to watch the new Kingsman movie and then Pulp Fiction - our favorite ( now seen for the umpteenth time!). Then bed - watched Dracula - the sexy Gary Oldman version and through the film we made love a number of times before we fell asleep early morning.

3/2 Woke at 11am. We lay in bed and chatted and Rita did me tea and toast. Some flowers arrived for her birthday from R&O - which thrilled Rita. We then fucked for a while before getting up after midday. Sorted out the guest list for Rita’s Birthday st Home House - up to about 30-40 people so far! Should be a good party! I then watched some 6 nations rugby on TV. Early evening we got a taxi to HH for dinner at 8. PandM also came to dine around 8.30 and we joined them for drinks before OandJ also joined us for drinks. We then went to Bison bar and the flow of friends with presents kept coming - S&I, M&S, MsD, M&L, MrJ just to make a few. Rita was flying and difficult to control and just after midnight we left for a quiet walk so she could calm down a little. We drank, socialised and danced. Just after 2.30am the diehards from the party went to The Vault where we bumped into PandP and around 4.30am we left to go to their flat for an hour. I think we would have played but P had to be up for work in 3 hours! We got home at 6am and fucked for an hour before collapsing asleep. What a party!

4/2 Woke at lunchtime and decided to go to Portobello for a pizza. Ended up at a little Italian restaurant where frankly my pizza was average. Then headed home and had a quiet evening watching TV before an early bed.


02-12-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Still waiting for the hardcover!