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I've lost how it is done now that the menu has changed - any help?  Also, anyone know if we can set a password on our private pics so they can be viewed?  If I go in through "FAQ" I can get to settings / pictures, but stall out there.  Thanks


02-13-2018 by FUNCOUPLETX462
In the upper right hand, there is a wheel looking symbol next to a bell symbol.  Click on the wheel looking symbol. 
02-13-2018 by GG49
02-13-2018 by SEXLOVERS4EVER
Setting a password on pictures" is the same by going to the wheel in the upper right hand corner. Just go to photo album and select make a new album. Put pictures that you like to place in it then name it & then lock it with a password. Whenever you like to share with someone just give them the password & you can change it when ever you like.