Hedo or Velvet

Anyone been to Hedo or Velvet  lately trying to get a read on both


03-10-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE

Go to the Trap instead.

03-12-2018 by HOTLUVRS
We agree with Euromex, although we haven’t been to Velvet. 
Hedo is fine if you live nearby and don’t want to make the drive down to Trap. Hedo is a short Uber ride for us. 
Trap is consistently better in almost every measurable way. 
03-12-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Used to go to Velvet years ago with the ex, just a long drive from when we lived in Boca. Cliquish, mostly Latin music, smoky, and for the money all you get is hot dogs and pretzels.  Mrs. Euro is a Latina, within 10 minutes of her first time at the Velvet, she said we made a a mistake, left and went back up to the Trap.