How to create wife`s desire for you

Cancer women love to dance! If you can get out on the dance floor and glide her around, make her feel like a princess, she’ll be putty in your hands, talk to her and let her know you are truly interested in knowing all about her interest, the books she loves reading, her favorite activities, her pets are important to her and you need to show how you care about them to! When she lets you know she is enjoying your company and she opens the door to sharing an intimate moment with you, go slow and let her progress at her speed, you should start seducing a cancer by simply kissing, her neck, then tender sensual French kiss holding her, she loves touching, cuddling, let her know you love her company and that she is making you feel so wonderful and is she enjoying you just as much? tell her how much you enjoy her, when you get her to invite you to share her bed remember cancers love oral giving and especially receiving long, slow and sensually lovemaking with the gentle touch of your tongue around her lips and clit for as long as it takes until you bring her to an intense shaking orgasm, then she will be craving to feel your cock inside her, as you are making love with her she will want to please you and the feedback of feeling and experiencing how she entices you to climax as intensely as you caused her to so give her the rewarding pleasure of knowing how much you love her sexy naked body beneath yours as you savor the feeling of your warm moist skin touching, her soft breast and intense pleasure of giving her your last drop as you kiss letting her know what a wonderful loving experience she is giving you need to be prepared when you get her in bed for the first time, now she wants and needs you to hold her, kiss her as she makes slow passionate love with her sweet husband!


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