Travel With Us for Sex

Would you like to share an Airbnb apartment with us and travel to swinger clubs?
We love to visit swinger and libertine clubs when we travel. We go to clubs at night and play, sleep late and then become tourists in the afternoon and repeat. We have visited more than a dozen clubs in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Medellin (Colombia), Rio de Janerio, São Paulo and Buenos Aires. We try to return to Paris every year where there are 12+ clubs within two miles of central Paris. Before the lifestyle, we traveled with other couples, but we have not been able to find lifestyle couples to travel with us. The perfect couple is one that prefers a lite dinner, dancing, chatting and then anonymous sex in clubs. We are planning two trips right now, one is to Cali and Medellin, Colombia where we will go to swinger clubs and maybe a strip club/brothel for my husband. The other is to Holland and Belgium where we will travel by car to a number of famous swinger/libertine clubs. Maybe you have an idea of another place to go. We are looking for a like-minded couple, not to play with as much as to share experiences. 


03-07-2018 by BEACHCPL321
Love the Paris clubs....Maybe the best in the world..What are your favs??
03-07-2018 by TRAVELERS122227
I have no idea what a libertine club is, not do I know if these places I mention have actual swing clubs, but I do know that no trip to Colombia is complete without visiting Cartagena and Barranquilla.

Have fun. Be safe!

03-08-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Libertine is a French word for swingers, their clubs cater to libertines.
03-08-2018 by FLTOPPERS
We have been to at least eight clubs in Paris. Our favorites are: Overside, Pluriel and Le We. Moon City is great but the centrally located indoor pool has too much chlorine for us, we are more sensitive than most people.
03-16-2018 by TOKENCHIP
This sounds amazing, I would love to have friends to travel with like this. Both of us are ready to turn this into a regular thing. 
03-28-2018 by SWINGERGUY010
I am in, let me know ;)
04-08-2018 by INDSWINGING
Would you like to share an Airbnb apartment with us and travel to swinger clubs?
We are so much looking for this kind of travel. We love to travel and have been travelling to Europe/US quite often. By next year we will be able to travel more often as we have fewer responsibilities. 
We find that lot of swinger couples do travel but, mostly alone. It would be nice to share the travel experiences with a lifestyle couple.
Especially now with Airbnb, we can rent an apartment with two bedrooms. Let's connect maybe we can plan something soon. Recently we had connected with a lovely Italian/Korean Couple who was travelling with two other lifestyle couples in India. It was inspirational listening to their fun times. In fact, if you come to India we can host you in our Airbnb too.