What do you do when you get fluffy?

So hear me out, we aren’t fat yet. Neither of us has gone up a size in any clothing. But we aren’t swimsuit ready either.  Being in this less than optimal zone makes us nervous and that nervousness leads to far less play. Part of that is simple confidence. But part of that is also feeling a little dishonest because our pics are at our best. We’ve toyed with taking fluffy pics and swapping them out during times of less than rigorous diet and exercise. But that seems like trouble. So frankly we just stop playing. The shame is that we are just as fun. Maybe more fun. And we loooove those playmates with just a touch of padding that rock it so why wouldn’t that apply to us?  Are we the only ones that struggle with this?  Oh god. What if we are?


03-09-2018 by HOTCOUPLEDFW
1. You are still fun - you still have the same personality
2. Even is your lady puts on 50 lb, she would still be in the top 5%
3. No matter what, you can still play with people you have played with already. I am pretty sure the good friends we have today will still play with us when we are 65 years old and heavier.
03-09-2018 by 2LUVBIRDS
We're all insecure. And we've all seen ourselves change over time--some changes for the better, some for the 'not-so-better' LOL.

We are far from perfect (lots farther than you are, for sure!). But in our experience, when we meet and play, most people are very accepting. It's about feeling sexy (and horny), and about how we act and talk and seduce (or dominate LOL) and befriend.

We would love to see any pics you post; we're both sure they will be awesome!
03-09-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE

If you get contacted from someone interested in you, do as we do, send them your current G/PG head to toe photos of the two of you together.  Let them know this is your today.

Also, when you get out to the clubs, or meat & greets, you will be seen and you can judge interest that way.

Everyone changes with time, busy schedules may get in the way of time at the gym, but you should only look ahead to what you are, and not back to what you were.  Bet you do not see much difference.

So do not give up.  Well maybe when you are in your 70s and the Mr. does not recall what his kickstand is supposed to do.

03-09-2018 by KATIENBILL
Yeah, who doesn’t like to show their favourite photos even if they’re 10 years old? We’ve started having a new folder for each year, just to stay “honest.”  Ok, time for the gym! We seem to need more of that as the years go by.......
03-09-2018 by SPONGEWORTHY
Eat, drink, put on all the weight you want and keep your pictures from when you were in shape. You will be in good company here!
03-10-2018 by
It's very simple, your photos should accurately reflect your current shape and your weight and age should be updated and accurate.  Period.
03-10-2018 by TESSADREW
Speaking for myself, I admire women and men who are confident with who they really are, not just because of the "outer package". I can see how body image issues can get really stirred up being in the lifestyle- I had some serious health issues at one point in my life from acting out my obsession with being the "perfect" body weight/shape. It was a nightmare that took much work from which to recover, physically and psychologically.It has tested my recovery, being in the lifestyle world, for sure. I can assure you, NO one will ever be as critical about either of you than you are about yourselves- live life, have fun, take care of yourselves but don't let fear of rejection keep you from life. You are beautiful people, flaunt it ! :)
03-10-2018 by SEXLOVERS4EVER
Tomnkitten" As you may see we are not a athletic fit couple as well and not really trying so hard to be that person either. Yes we do workout from time to time but we still not trying to be someone that we're not.
Now On that hand" know that what size you become just still be yourself and enjoy the lifestyle as you did in the pass. There's always people's that are looking for a normal couple like themselves.
 You shouldn't be worrying about what size you may become" because your in the lifestyle. Long as your carrying yourself well then you will do well with who ever you meet.
Yes it's important to update pictures on profile often" as we get older or if you feel that you have changed a great bit from the pictures of the past.
Meeting someone" or if you are that someone" that's is very fit or a bit fluffy should matter" because at the end of the meet your leaving with your beautiful wife or handsome husband.
Know matter what all way feel Sexy! & Just have your fun.
I must say those for what I see y'all will be ok with meeting other's and having fun.
03-28-2018 by SWINGERGUY010
You are what you are, own it ;)  You will find people who like you for what you are. As a person who works out, there is no question from day to day you look a little different. Some days you feel great and you know your cut, others you feel fluffy. I just got tendinitis for the first time, I had to take 4 weeks off :(

 I see that you two might like a single guy from time to time, I can host or travel. You look fine to me ;)
03-31-2018 by PLEASURESWING
I will only speak for myself, the Mrs. here. Yes, I have the same issue. If I’m not feeling that sexy hotness....I find every reason to not want to play. If it’s because I may not fit into my favorite play outfit or my husband hasn’t praised me enough..Can’t do it. I totally understand.