seems that watching my lady with other men is such a turn on

It all started when i was 28 and had my first experience with a couple  , met them in a bar and after few drinks i found myself in bed with the wife while her husband watched , my eyes were always on him making sure it was ok, all what i saw was a smile on his face while he watched me fucking his wife. it became regular and we use to meet almost every week ....... it was amazing and was one of the things that turn me on a lot knowing the husband is enjoying watching me , even more fun than me meeting the wife separately , i started to get used to know he is around.

Since then i met few other couples with same interests and i started preferring meeting couples rather than meeting single women , of course i did have long term relationships for a while but i was always turned off when i know there is no way she will join the lifestyle , i did try to convince them and start by telling them i am fine watching them with other men but the idea with the girls i had relationship with was totally rejected and they only wanted a 1on1 romantic relationship which was kinda boring for me

Recently i decided i will only be around people who are in the lifestyle , similar minded singles and couples , i met some amazing people , one of them was a sexy girl who was divorced recently and wanted to get wild and try new things , we fucked couple of time alone then one day she asked me if i like to join her and a guy for a 3some , i said sure , i picked her up from her home and we wented together , i had amazing feeling taking the girl i am dating to get fucked by another guy and i saw the excitement in her eyes , when we arrived and after few drinks we all jumped in the pool naked and did everything , i use to hold her for him to fuck her and when he would hold her head to suck me , taking turns on her , we fucked for 4 hours

the best part was when i decided to sit back and watch , it was such a turn on seeing my date getting fucked by another guy she came to me after a while , asked me if i was ok with all this , i told her it is best thing we have done , after long night of fucking we went back home and she slept in my arms , was a new experience for me

i had no idea that after being the guy who join a couple and be the guy who fucks the wife , i would be the one wanting to have a wife/gf who would be interested to be with other men while i watch , i would definitely encourage her to feel free and find men to have fun with in bed , or maybe i would help her find a stud for fun , i want to be there to be beside her ,of course i still meet couples and enjoy being watched by the husbands but also want to be on the other side since it is a big turn on for me to be watching my wife/gf with other men

i wanted to know from the blog readers if they did have similar experiences or they had husbands/bfs who did such thing

also like to know if ladies prefer to have a husband/bf who enjoys watching her , if that is a turn of or a turn off for her?


03-10-2018 by
Of course she will like having you there!
03-11-2018 by EROTICFUN4HER
Absolutely greatest turn on to watch your lady sucking another man's cock right in front of you. Going today to have a repeat with a guy who WILL make her cum over and over with his tongue.
03-15-2018 by EROTICFUN4HER
Repeat bull last Sunday and it was spectacular. Best ever! Thanks Edwin. She wants you again real soon.