Halo my friends. Thank you for your notes. I have pretty descriptive page on 3 or 4 sites so I will not repeat my introduction. I am very mellow all accepting guy. My hobby is the one evolution blessed me with and travelling. My calendar is filling up nicely. Apr/May Florida, July Toronto, Aug Nova Scotia, November Caribbean lifestyle cruise and February/March South America.
It is most economical and practical to travel 4 people, but arrangements can be made to amend the count. The staple travel is using some time shares. With 4 people we share expenses equally. This is the cost from Windsor. Ride in Honda 8 seater SUV with plenty of room for luggage. Travel to the beach on Sea of Cortez in Mexico. 5 star resort is 20miles from town, clean water. Condo has full kitchen and we take turns cooking. The share for condo is US$ 350PP/7 nights. The car and gas share is also 350pp for the trip and it includes Mexican insurance. Extra costs: Sharing a room on the way there and back, food, taxes, personal spending. Trip is projected for up to 5000 miles and 2 to 3 weeks in duration as per agreement.
On the way we visit friends we prearranged to visit, possibly nudist camps, sex clubs and points of interest like the St Louis arch, caves, parks etc. We can stay free at my ranch near Tucson I am selling. There it is "indoor camping" (no services).
I do have tents for the clubs or parks.
Special: My goal for a long time is to circum-drive Australia and visit the Rock in the interior. I am looking for 7 people beside me for 2 rented vehicles. I also do expeditions to Europe. Rental car, visiting Prague (I provide free camping there) visiting some nude beaches and points of interest as per agreement.
I am retired and I have the time. Unfortunately retirement is a very final situation. I want to catch up with as much as I can as long as my body allows it.
If you have an interesting offer, I am just as willing to join you. I also love to car pool for trips to the 4 Toronto area sex clubs.
All the best, Jerry


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