Blog rules

I just sent a message to the help desk, but I’m sure it’ll be a while before they get back to me. Maybe someone here can help with the questions I asked them. 

Essentially, I asked if there are any rules for posting in Blogs, and if anyone with authority monitors the Blogs. It would be nice if we could reduce, or remove personal ads, and other inappropriate entries. 

I thought the Blogs was for sharing information, not for hookups. 


04-16-2018 by HOTLUVRS
I want to thank Martin from the Helpdesk for getting back to me so quicky, and also for cleaning out some of the latest inappropriate posts. Here is part of the response I got back from the Helpdesk:
"A blog can be informing to get a response. No advertisement is allowed, Also a blog is not to be used as an dating tool Also, when you post a blog the rules of SDC are counting; no discrimination or harrasment are allowed"

So, I suggest that we all report posts that obviously violate the rules. Maybe we can clean up some of the trash, and keep the Blogs from becoming ruined.
04-16-2018 by LUCKYLYNDY
yes,, that one blog post a guy put on was way out there and I see now it's been deleted 

04-17-2018 by GG49
The blogs are not craigslist? When did this happen?