Couples visiting BBCs in all areas

At times when couples come into town with an interary to play or go out on events during the week or days. Keep in mind places like where I live in Vegas. Working BBCs like myself try to bracket times to meet and stay in constant contact with a work schedule on times that are able and willing to play. It may seemed at times assertive and at times cancel and don't micromanage. It can be disappointing using a phrase "flake out" there is an effort to meet we can we have too many forms of communication. To say yes or no or not interested


04-17-2018 by HOTLUVRS
I started reading, but lost the thread. What exactly are you asking? 
04-17-2018 by NATURALG
I think you should go back and Proof Read your blog....A little confusing from this end.     Vegas Rocks
04-17-2018 by PADOC
So, I have a job so I guess that makes me a working AWC…right??