Stamina Trating Party Week: 9/4 to 15/4/18

9/4 MsN left at 7.30, followed by Rita’s eldest who stormed out for no real reason. I had a conference call and then left just before 1pm to meet MrS at Home House. Met MrS at 1.30 and had a nice chat and snack with him. Saw MsV and while S was busy on the phone had a nice chat with her. Left just before 3pm and caught a 7 bus home. Then back to work and early evening Rita and watched an excellent film about pollyamorous relationship of the creator of Wonderwoman - Professor Masterson.

11/4 Had a significant employee issue to deal with, with a member of staff, who hadn’t been pulling her weight for a while, who emailed to say she had been signed off with stress for a month. We then discovered she had tried to delete all the contents of her company email account and when we had recovered everything we discovered a number of issues which indicated she was in breach of her confidentiality contract. Started discussions with our lawyer re a summary dismissal. Had a great call with my eldest on a large system we were proposing to the Houses of Parliament - he had a high level of confidence that we would get it. Went to the gym on the 11th while Rita went off to her youngest‘s flat and got back around 6. She was upset by a conversation she had had with him there on the phone. We had a long chat and agreed a strategy to put a little distance between her and her adult boys. Of course within 3 hours she had broken it and then I became the butt of her frustration. Saw a little of the Zuckerberg grilling - can’t believe he was being interrogated by so many senators who had no idea about IT or how Facebook worked!

 12/4 Next morning I was up early as I had a board meeting. Told Rita not to ask for my advice re he sons - agree with me and then do the opposite. It was a friendly discussion but drew a line in the sand. Looking at the news I was beginning to wonder if our holiday in Cyprus next month was going to happen with all the Syria tensions - bloody politicians. Caught the tube and then train to office and arrived just after 11. A productive board meeting though had a heated discussion with one of the directors on the need to be strategic at this meeting rather than use it as a management meeting and listen to the minutae of detail she wished to speak on. On way home spoke to one of the lawyers re the employee issue and agreed a way forward. Home by 3.45 and settled into more work stuff and calls. Planning on a fun evening together with Rita but MsD turned up at 8pm and didn’t leave till 3am. We all got high and laughed and chatted and if she hadn’t had MrB to go to she would have stayed the night. After she left Rita and headed to bed and we fucked for over an hour before we slept.

13/4 Woke 8.30 and then dozed through till 11. My chesty cold was bad and so decided to spend day in bed and worked from there. We the got ready and headed to Home House for a meal at 8.30 with PandM. Had a fun meal and then socialised and chatted but around midnight we thought we’d finish early at HH and the four of us go back to the flat for an early after party. At home we partied through till around 3. PandM stayed the night and they started to play on the sofa as Rita and headed down to the bedroom to fuck and play. PandM were as noisy fucking as we were and so with just a few breaks we fucked till PandM left after midday.

14/4 Rita came too quicker than me and she cooked a brunch for 2pm and I ate it watching F1 qualifying from China. Then a very quiet dozy rest of the day while Rita relaxed on the bed watching her Russian TV. We had planned to go to the Sweet Dreams party at Heathrow and it took a little effort - as we were both so tired - to get ready for it. We got a taxi and we arrived after 9. The suite was large and it was good to see TandM - the hosts again. Chatted with SandL - fun couple - didn’t get to hook up this time it hope we do soon. Met KandL again after what had to be a couple of years or more and another nice couple AamdR. Mr R and I went downstairs to share an M. We started the party off with MrandMrsK on the bed with Mrand MrsAR and Rita played and sucked with MrR and I took MrsK and she lay back on the side of the bed and I knelt on the floor and spread her legs wide and started to explore her vagina and little pink surroundings with my tongue and I loved to tongue fuck her vagina and she was very close to coming. We then reversed positions and she masturbated my cock and I explored her labia and vagina a with my fingers and we chatted and she said how much she enjoyed the stuff we had shared. I was now hard and so put her on her back again and sunk my cock into her vagina and we grounded and fucked - not for as long as I would have liked but always a problem with condoms! Rita then gave me a blow job while being fucked from behind by Mr R and then I fucked Rita. K, R and I then waited naked on the bed while the 3 women where in the bathroom. MrR said it looked like a bunch of guys waiting for a gay party - suggested he might not want to repeat that when the girls appeared! A little later we joined DandS in the lounge one of the beds with another 2 couples. Lots of wandering fingers and then Rita started to play and later fuck with MrS and I went down on MsD either side of a short fuck (6 hours sleep in 72 was starting to take its toll!). Really enjoyed going down on MrsD and she really enjoyed the presence of my tongue in her vagina and thumb in her anus. Rita was in loud and playful form and so her remarks kept the whole bed collapsing in laughter - fun but not always conducive to long lived sex. After this it was nearly 1am and we decided to call it a day. Thanked M&S for a great party and Uber’d home. We lay in bed- I had some peanut butter and toast - yummy - and then we cuddled and fell flat out asleep.

15/4 Woke at 10. Read Times and then while Rita dozed I went upstairs to watch the Chinese F1. Rita then made lunch - pointed out I had a bruised ear lobe. Don’t remember that nibble from last night! After the race and food, I  then replaced the the fake grass on the balcony as the previous had been virtually destroyed by the fallout from Grenfell Tower over the winter. Spent the rest of the afternoon falling asleep in front of the TV and we ended up in bed at 8.30 to watch a film. It was a sci- fi romance “The Space Between Us” - surprisingly I enjoyed it. One interesting question the main character people was - what do you like most about earth? I was thinking if you could honestly know and answer that question how straightforward life planning would be. For me - now - I like being alive with Rita the most.


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