Tips for hunting vanillas

We are headed to Mexico in a few weeks for a vanilla vacation but already the fantasy of finding and converting vanilla folk is creeping into our minds.  Are there tricks or success stories you could share?  We’d love to lure some couple into our suite and corrupt them. We’d love to find some single guy or small group of guys and give them a vacation tale that no one will believe.  Weve heard that there was a phrase you used to out swingers like “Are you a friend of ___” but we can’t remember the password.  It’ll probably amount to nothing but we are crossing our fingers and toes that we can make something happen. If any of you gorgeous people just wanna show up at our resort, PM me for dates!  lol.  Thanks in advance for your advice! ❤️


04-16-2018 by INTREPIDCPL
"Are you a friend of Ellis? 
LS. Get it?

Enjoy your vacation.
04-16-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Yes, Ellis.  There is a group for this, but really, not many follow this idea.  Tried it once, got a look like who the fuck is Ellis?
04-17-2018 by INTREPIDCPL
Reminds me of.....
"Who the fuck is Alice?"
...from our favorite piano bar
04-17-2018 by TOMNKITTEN
Maybe we’ll just get T-shirt’s made that say “friends of Ellis” and see if we get a bite.  Someone also told us once that black bands on the right ring finger mean something...
04-17-2018 by HOTLUVRS
There have been attempts in the past to establish some universal password; nothing really worked. 
I think that the term “hotwife” may be familiar enough to vanilla dudes that you might have some success tossing that term into the conversation with guys at the bar. 
04-17-2018 by LOVE4UNME
We visited Hedo this past March, (last trip ever, but that's another story). and due to the lack of fun and compatibility at the resort, we decided to head off resort for dinners, bar crawls, etc. and during 3 of the 4 nights we ventured off resort we met and played, (sort of) with two vanilla couples & one female while they were on vacation staying at another resort.

What made it easier for us is that we decided not to lie and when asked, (inevitably your asked what resort your staying at when meeting fellow vacationers) we would say the truth and say "Hedonism, you know the naked swinger resort". That always lead to incredible questions and the males of the group to get flirty and open minded. The wives also perked up and wondered if they could be naked, share, etc., etc. One couple met us the next day for a day pass. The other couple we had a night cap in their room for soft play. We touched, kissed and fondled both couples but did not go all the way with them. With one couple it was our choice the other it was the husbands not being sure how he felt about it. Still had a blast. The female we met during an awesome bar crawl, beautiful 34 year old attending a wedding. She asked about our resort and it all escalated quickly with her admitting she wanted a threesome with a couple, fondling, groping and sneaking into our resort for late evening fun the same night and 2 nights later. None of these couples or female had played before but were intrigued by the notion. How this applies to you in your circumstance...... not sure, but the point is that vanilla couples and singles are just vanilla out of lack of options and opportunities in our opinion, nothing to lose, especially during vacations to explore and put it out there. Have fun, please report back post vacation..... :)
04-17-2018 by FUNCOUPLETX462
It seems to me that "vanilla hunting" would be full of drama.  We are allergic to drama.  Years ago when we first got in the LS, we thought that we'd enjoy other newbies to the LS.  We quickly found out that newbies are ripe with drama.  I would venture to guess that those that have never entertained the idea of being in the LS, would be even worse.
04-18-2018 by GG49
Pretty sure "nice shoes wanna fuck?" would work coming from kitten :)
04-19-2018 by STRIPPERSROCK
We do this in Dallas pretty frequently.  Always going to the LS clubs and sites sometimes is like shooting fish in a barrel so we decided to spice it up some and do some vanilla hunting.  We have had good and bad in this.  We go to a strip club, usually an after hours.  She walks the floor and trolls for guys while tipping dancers.  When she finds one, either she invites him to come have a drink and I explain what we are into and go from there.  That became alot of work to convince them she wasn't a hooker or we weren't going to roll them in the parking lot.  So a few weeks ago I tried a more direct approach.  We both approached someone she was interested in and I told him we are in an open relationship and I was going to take her back to the hotel and fuck the hell out of her and would he like to help.  The one and only time we tried the direct approach worked great.  Some go with it and others run from it.  If you catch a guy at a strip club after 2 AM, hes half drunk and all the way broke, has a hard on from having pussy in his face all night and those usually are the easiest. We too have fantasies we work on hunting vanillas, its fun as hell and puts a little game into it.