Too close to `Yikes !!!` for comfort

We aren't much different than many lifestyle couples, as we keep discretion key, for all the usual reasons. We'd often envisioned  our worst nightmare being one of our relatives (all who live at least 500 miles away) showing up for a surprise visit while we were in the midst of lifestyle mayhem with our friends, or some other similar scenario.
So......with excitement building, much planning and effort, my husband and I were in the last flurry of getting everything ready for our first house party. Everything was going great, we had no worries. We were in a great mood, looking forward to seeing all our friends.
And then...that nightmare almost happened, can ya believe it ?! At least the relative made a phone call first. From this experience we learned to always have a cover story ready for family, no matter what, for when we  plan a LS house party again.
My husband was the unlucky person to answer the call, so his story that we were hitting the beach with some of my friends sounded great.....until we found out that SHE was at that beach, and oh, maybe we could meet for breakfast before they drove back...ooops.
Talk about an "oh, shit!" moment ....I had to do a quick save by stating, oh, my husband just assumed that was the beach "we" were headed for, that actually we were heading to the Atlantic side of GA.  Close call for sure !
If we hadn't got the phone call, my relative may have walked into the following scene: a king size play mattress( in use ) in the living room, lots of nude or barely dressed people on the back deck and hot tub, and me the naked birthday girl getting a wonderful erotic massage by a man other than my husband. 
The party was great, fun was had by all, and my family has not disowned us. So, cover stories are a good idea, all the time, no matter what. 
So, anyone else had any close calls, and care to share what worked for you ?


04-17-2018 by HOTCOUPLEDFW
Here is a list of good excuses for the next relatives who want to visit:
- we had black mold inspection on Friday, we’d love to see you before we die but we are at the hospital 
- house was flooded, we can meet at our hotel 500 miles away
- we just put the house on Airbnb and we got amazing response
- we rented our house to some out of town swingers, it was an offer we could not refuse
- we have the flu, wanna hug us?
- we just cooked very spicy curry, come and have a good diarrhea on us
- the town is spraying against West Nike virus this week end
04-17-2018 by TESSADREW
That's a great list- you've provided a great public service to us all, HOTCOUPLEDFW. Thanks !!! Especially #1 & #4...haha
04-17-2018 by HPPYCPL1999
@HOT... ya'll are hysterical! Love your responses!
04-19-2018 by STRIPPERSROCK
We were on our houseboat once with another couple and our kids came rolling up on jet skis, we all hid.  Not sure where they thought we went as there was no other boat to be on, LOL, they never mentioned it
04-19-2018 by TESSADREW funny !! I bet they were afraid...very afraid to bring up the subject.