Vegas Swingers Options?

Can anyone give more details on Vegas swinger options?  I’ve gotten this much info so far.  Which is best for meetings couples in their 20’s-30’s with minimal/no single males on site?

Whispers- at a local venue but I can’t get more info because only an email list is available to sign up for and I get no response from them.

Risque - at a private residence turned into club, new option

Green Door -classic swinger club

Red Rooster - classic swinger Club


04-13-2018 by SWEETANDSEXY4U
PerfectLV - meets at local dance club with an after party suite opening at 1am-4am.
04-13-2018 by SWEETANDSEXY4U
Sea Mountain One Love Temple - full nudist and swinger spa and resort 5 minutes from the strip. Most expensive option.
04-13-2018 by DIVINELOVER6
We have visited red rooster and green door.Green door is best
04-13-2018 by NATURALG
According to your blog question don't even think about the Red Rooster.....single males like Meerkats .....Endless supply of them
04-13-2018 by SPONGEWORTHY
PerfectLV is your best bet. The crowd varies but you are wasting your time at the other clubs. 
04-16-2018 by KRISTI4U
Spongeworthy got it right... agree with her 200% !
04-19-2018 by STRIPPERSROCK
Red Rooster is horrible.  Single males outnumber the couples 4-1 and they follow couples everywhere and jack off watching you.  It reminds you of the nude beach scene in Eurotrip with all the naked old people chasing you.  Y'all are way to good to go there