Vote them ALL OUT!If ever there

!f ever there was a better example of why you should vote against all of your current congresspeople I have never seen it.  Sen Orin Hatch, trying one more time ( along with the other 42 hacks present from the Senate) to bask in the  limelight, rather than actually doing something, actually asked Mark Z from Facebook how his business model could be sustained by offering Facebook for free to its members.  Zuck, bemused and a little puzzled perhaps, answered
"We run ads Senator."  Hatch immediately realized he was in over his head and backed down.

But lets not pick on just Hatch. All of this jokers are there to get their name in the paper because of a so called Facebook scandal   I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. But there is only one solution to our problems ( all Trump comments and opinions aside.)  We need to vote out ALL members of congress that we can.  WE need to stop electing and to stop allowing tired useless lawyers to draft the policies that govern us.  This means voting against all incumbents, no matter how wonderful you think your congress people are.  Democrat, Republicans it does not matter...all of these people are corrupt and out of touch and if a few good ones get tossed out so that all the bad ones can go that is a small price to pay.

Please in the November election do the right thing.  Vote against everyone who is currently in office in both the House and the Senate.  Ask yourself how things can possibly get worse!


04-11-2018 by PLANOTX
04-11-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE

THANK YOU!!  Right there with you. The events of just yesterday are truly amazing. The number of bribed and extorted politicians is sickening, $3.3 million to Rubio from the NRA?  Bull shit. Fifth Amendment criminal Rick Scott suggesting he is a political outsider?  Bull shit. Being told that a legit raid on an attorney approved by a list of officials is a disgrace and bad for the country? Bull shit.

I know how I am voting in November, and it will not be for any of the Republicans that refuse to protect us from the wasteful spending of the occupant in the White House. Why aren't they speaking up? 114 trips to play golf in Palm Beach at our expense?  Bull shit.

EPA chief destroying the EPA?  Proposed tariffs that American consumers will have to pay? Military parades costing enough to help homeless veterans?  Walls that will do no good, we already have walls and they go over and under.  How about arresting the true criminals, the American citizens that provide the illegal jobs, that buy the illegal drugs, that sell the illegal guns?

If there is no collusion, why the fear of an investigation?

Social Security is an entitlement?  Bull shit.

Good news, Paul Ryan is not running for re election.  He knows he would lose, and wants to avoid embarrASSment.   Now to other disease, McConnell.

Sorry for the not really.  Glad that BANDD2 had the balls to place this post.

04-11-2018 by INBOX
Lets just call it as it is - Get DUMP TRUMP out of office - that alone fixes 90% of the problems, along with all his cronies.
04-11-2018 by BANDD2
This is a non partisan issue...and like me you just happen to live in a Republican district and state...doe not change the facts..Democrats are no better.  See the Harry Reid character played by Dickie Smothers in the movie Casino..Ried did not file a lawsuit...wonder why?  This is not about Dem or Rep...they are all on the take...
04-11-2018 by BANDD2
INBOX...sorry disagree...and not that we might be better off with a different prez...but that clouds this particular issue...the corruption and lack of knowledge in congress has nothing to do with who we elected prez  and has everything to do with who we install in is based on the people we send there and what they are sent to do...and we continually send the wrong people
04-11-2018 by FUNCOUPLETX462
Just voting out all incumbents is a start, but not a solution.  I believe that most congressmen go in with altruistic motives but eventually become institutionalized.  We need term limits. 
04-11-2018 by BANDD2
term limits is a great idea..just not sure how we got it without a national referendum and not sure that is even binding
04-11-2018 by INTREPIDCPL
I can't take Congress seriously.  Hatch is a fossil, whose likely idea of high tech is that old clicker that he uses to change channels on his TV.  He was out of touch a decade ago, and remains a poster child for the idea of term limits.

Our Constitution has few direct requirements for Congress.  One of them is that they are required to submit a budget annually to the President.  They haven't done that for over a decade - in order to continue their out-of-control spending without budgetary limits.  They can't even obey the Constitution, or their 1978 budget law, yet they want to regulate FB?  Tell the rest of us how to live, what kind of insurance to buy, etc?

If you're over eighty years old and you're still in Congress, you have a problem - no, WE have a problem.


04-11-2018 by HOTCOUPLEDFW
We need age limits. Should not be elected if you are above 75. Try to get a regular job at that age!
04-11-2018 by MNR4FUN
First it was the single guy shit.  Then the big black cock.  Now we have politics? Wtf people.  This is a sex site for crying out loud! Lol
04-11-2018 by BANDD2
Mnr...who is forcing you to read this blog?
04-12-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
MNR:  Do what I do, if I see a blog with a topic that I either do not like or do not understand, I ignore it.  You should try that, lowers blood pressure.
04-12-2018 by CLEOENRICO
We have the best government money can buy!
04-13-2018 by KATIENBILL
From the outside it does seem to be a complete circus over there. It’s interesting to read the morning news feeds to see what crazy stuff has occurred overnight!
We generally only get to meet Americans who either travel, swing or live in New York or California. That gives us (and others living outside the USA) a distorted view I believe. Travellers have a much broader view of the world and swingers.....well, we all seem able to sort the bullshit pretty easily don’t we! Good luck with all of that. 
04-15-2018 by PADOC
We voted for Gingrich and the "Contract with America". We voted for the Tea Party candidates and were dismayed when they all were Borged into the DC collective and we voted for Trump and his promise to build a wall and drain the swamp.  So far we've been dismayed and disappointed. We have concluded that everyone elected who does not toe the status quo line will be assimilated. Unfortunately, we have concluded that "resistance is futile"!!
04-18-2018 by ATXFUNTIMES
Term limits.......