You Looked at My Profile but Did Not Write To you must be interested..right?,,,wrong!

One thing that has always puzzled us, and yes single males do it more, but couples do it to, is when we view a proifle and do nothing else, and the person writes to us apparently thinking that us looking at the profile amd doing nothing is an indication of interest.  Isn’t it the opposite?  If someone views our profile and does send a like or an email or a message, we assume there is no interest until we hear otherwise.  So, single dudes, when they don't write they are not yet interested.   They might he later.  But you look like a desparate fool when you see they looked but did nothing and assume they are interested.

There are many reasons to view a profile that we wont go into here, but you are welcome to..


04-16-2018 by INBOX

Many times I am bored and just look at random profile for whatever reason.  If we dont send you a e-mail or a 'like' - then just assume we are not interested.  So many times we get e-mail from singles and or couples saying "Thanks for looking at my profile, wanna meet up" ?  Or something to that affect -  Those go into our Delete folder.
04-16-2018 by MNR4FUN
If we see a couple that look nice profile pic wise...we will check the full profile.  We immediately look to see if they are smokers.  If they are we exit.  Its that easy.  If we are ever interested we send an email.  I guess its trolling to some, but u have to look to ensure u r compatible.  
04-16-2018 by HPPYCPL1999

I, MrsH, am the blog reader/stalker (not really)/poster (really!). I look at profiles to see who's blogging.  I truly enjoy the reads. I don't comment often.  

Does that mean I should send a "twas reading and wanted to see who was sharing" email?

04-16-2018 by BANDD2
No we dont think so...we are not clear on what you are trying to say...could just be us.
04-16-2018 by BANDD2
Sorry. Too many typos in the original blog...our point is...if we look at a profile and dont means there is a lack of does not indicate we are interested just because we opened a profile
04-16-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE

We do check out the "who checked us out" category, and if there is an interest we also check them out.  Problem, geography.  Usually they are in a galaxy far far away.

04-17-2018 by HOTCOUPLEDFW
I would tend to agree... except:
- it’s flattering to have people pursue you
- we have hooked up that way with couples that we did not think we d be attracted to at all in the first place. But then they caught our attention somehow
- when I look at a profile and I really don’t like it, I block it. So nobody wastes any time.
04-17-2018 by FSUCPL
An easy way to avoid this situation is to go to account settings then privacy and turn off the notification that tells others you have viewed their profile. We turn it back on when we want others to know we viewed their profile and if we really like what we see we move on to the “like” or send an email. It’s a trick that has worked for us   
04-17-2018 by HOTLUVRS
We can see from Fsucpl’s answer that some people actual let others know they’ve been viewed as a way to express some interest. 
We’ve successfully hooked up with people we would not have noticed if they hadn’t viewed us first. So, I don’t see any problem sending a quick, and polite email to folks who have viewed us. 
04-17-2018 by CHANCESR
In one sense I would not be upset with a couple contacting us after viewing but not messaging them. In our situation I’m the one, hubby, who does the viewing and then talks with the wife later about what’s up. Yeah another male gate keeper I know. The wife doesn’t really like to set there perusing profiles. Though I’ve tried to get her to do so. Lol

she likes the play but doesn’t like the hunt.  

Anyway, digressing, so they’re is time in between me looking and then speaking with her sometimes. Because of this there may be couples who make contact with us so I can’t be upset if I look at it from that standpoint.  However, if they get upset if I decline to anything further for us then I am allowing myself to raise my ire. So with that said maybe take it in stride because they may play it like we do and assume there is that time in between and if they get a word in they might be on the “in”. I give that 24 to 48 hours though. Anything after that and it does step out of bounds.  

04-17-2018 by BANDD2
Lol..first of all we afe not upset...we just find it odd amd misplaced that people whose  profile we view amd then do nothing, take that as interest.  In some cases with the dreaded SM we have had them respond agressivley when we tell them no interest.  They actually try to manipulate amd say ‘why did you look then?”  We know all the block features..and this is not a major inconvenience..we just hope sinfle men read the blog for their own benefit.