Cyprus Holiday - Wild Week 1!: 8/5 to 13/5/18

8/5 Alarm went off at 6.50. Spent the next 35 mins getting ready and finish packing and then down to pick up our taxi to Victoria where we were getting the Gatwick Express. Smooth journey to Gatwick - headed to North Terminal and at check in decided to upgrade to business class. Had breakfast in business lounge and then on to the flight. Saw the economy seats and decided upgrade was a very good move! Took off on time just after 11am and headed East. We read, slept, ate and chatted and the 4 hours went reasonably quickly. It was raining in Larnaca when we picked up our taxi, but by the time we had driven to Limassol it was sunny and dry. Our apartment was well located , scruffy outside but excellent inside - seemed almost new and with 2 bedrooms, had plenty of space. Got texts and calls from 2 SDC couples and arranged to meet them Friday and Saturday. We popped to a local store next door to buy some booze. We then unpacked and at 8 Katerina turned up and after 9 she dropped us off at the Colombia Beach Restaurant where we were meeting RandT for dinner. We had a pleasant meal and got to know this new girlfriend of R’s. After the meal we walked to our apartment where we drank and chatted and T shared some M with me and got very high! Anyway sometime after midnight we started to get naked and the four of us ended up on the bed. The girls sucked our cocks and the play was soft, so as T sucked R’s cock I finger fucked her and the we kissed - good kisser. We end up fucking our respective partners and having a lot of fun. Eventually around 2.30 they left and we fell into bed and fucked some more till we slept- welcome to Cyprus!

9/5 We came too after midday and had a hard short fuck before we slowly got up. It was warm and cloudy and popped up the road to get a snack - it was dreadful - and then decided to first do a big shop. Did a big grocery shop in Debenhams- some 100m away and I also bought a jacket and a couple of tee shirts. Then wandered to Columbia to book a place for tomorrow. That evening we booked a meal at a nearby Lebanese Restaurant, that came recommended,for 9 and invited K - who at the last minute couldn’t make it. We had a delicious meal of lamb and then walked back along the promenade to The Columbia for a drink. Sat at the bar drinking tequila. Personally do not like the place too much - it’s too Instagram and you get the impression the clients are doing the place a favour being there, rather than the other way round! Then left for the flat. I’m the lounge we had some M and switched on some porno. We chatted, laughed and fucked. Rita wanted to party all night, but I was too tired and so we called it a day past 1am and soon fell asleep.

10/5 so much for getting to Columbia Beach Club for 11.30! I woke after 1pm! Rita got up and made herself a salad and I had some tea and toast. Answered a key business email. Sent emails to two other couples who wanted to meet up and then headed to the beach about 70m away and took some loungers and an umbrella and I bought some wine and Rita enjoyed her first full afternoon in the sun - stroking herself and stretching like a cat. Spent about 2.5 hours on the beach drinking wine after which time Rita felt burnt and so we headed back to the flat and around 8pm took a taxi to the old town to look for a restaurant, that we discovered had closed, and eventually ate at one of the restaurants situated around the old church. During the meal Rita went to the loo - lost her bearings and ended up in some reception. Eventually by walking round the church she spotted my hair! Then a taxi home by which time Rita was pretty pissed and she fell into bed. She kept getting up and down and then had recovered by midnight and then wanted to stay up. I tried to ignore her and sleep.

11/5 Woke at 6.30. Read Times and then went back to sleep. Rita woke at 9.30 with a plan to head to beach and then fell asleep again - both came too at 12.00. Rita cooked herself a lamb lunch and I had tea and toast. The couple that we were due to meet tonight couldn’t make it as a couple, so the male half offered his services alone. He said he could arrange a party for tomorrow but we already had an arrangement. Another couple yesterday who had suggested meeting for a drink this afternoon seemed to have disappeared into outer space. Seems Cypriot swingers are as reliable as U.K. ones! Headed to the beach for 1.30 for more wine and sunbathing. Rita went for a dip. I gave it a miss! Left the beach at 4pm and I went off to get a haircut- ended up at a place called Nick’s and apparently Nick used to have a place in Notting Hill - small world. Back at the flat I showered and then sat with a G&T on the balcony and read. Had a chat with Rita and she started to come round. Took her to a nearby pizza restaurant called Margherita which made her happy and we had great pizzas. Back at home and at 10 Katerina came round and then popped up to pick up her M supplier - Fitos - a 25yr old Greek Cypriot. We started on the M and we were soon nicely high. By midnight we were naked and to begin with the girls had a double dildo session in which the girls sucked our cocks while ramming each other’s labia’s together. Session lasted 30 minutes before they collapsed exhausted after multiple orgasms. I then fucked Rita . The girls were in very high spirits and it was sometimes difficult to get them to concentrate on sex while they cavorted and laughed. K came across while I was on sofa watching porn and started to suck my cock, balls and arse till I was hard. I put her on her back on the carpet and banged her clitoris with my cock - she groaned and squirmed and I was about to fuck her when she shouted swap as Rita was being pounded by F. We carried on in this vein till 2-3am when F left. The girls continued going crazy - lying on the kitchen floor, laughing their heads off. I went to lie down on the bed and chill and at some point Rita joined me and we started to play. She asked me to get K who was smoking weed on the balcony. She didn’t take much persuading and joined us in bed where she got between Rita’s legs and sucked hard on her clitoris. With K’s bum in the air I put my raging hard on into her vagina and we fucked hard while Rita started to come. Toward the end I put my hand rounds my cock and wanked my cock hard inside K’s vagina till she came too. Rita then wanked me to orgasm. Then around 4am K slipped into the spare bed. I wanked Rita till the came and then we collapsed for a short sleep.

12/5 I set the alarm at 7.30am to go and wake K who had to leave for work.Woke her with a kiss and my hand between her legs. After K left, we slept through till midday. I woke with a raging hard on which Rita sucked and then we fucked and she came in 2/3 minutes! In the end we decided to give the beach a miss and chilled around the flat and then left at 6 to walk to a Chinese fusion restaurant called Nel’s. Had a lovely meal and great local rose wine and then took a taxi back to the flat and then walked on to Crowne Plaza to meet CandN - a Romanian couple we met last year. They mentioned that another Romanian couple - VandL would also join for a drink - though they hadn’t met them before - always a risk! Anyway they had been swinging for 10 years though the last time was 18 months ago... and were also teetotal. After a drink we went back to the flat - more drinks - the girls got into something sexy- we put duvets on the carpet and the party began. MrsN started to suck MrV and Rita nudged MrC toward MrsL while I fucked Rita. Rita then took over from MrsN who moved over to me. We had a little unfinished business from last time. She sucked my cock which was already hard and so I put her on her back and we started to fuck hard- then softly - then hard and had a really sexy long love making session where we both came- it was shower then for both of us. I went to have an M and joined by MrsL who had been fucked by MrM and then MrsN, after her shower. Through the balcony windows for what seemed forever, we watched MrV wrestling with Rita who was groaning and screaming with MrV’s attentions. Then we all had a break and then MrV went off into one of the bedrooms for about 30 mins. I tried to make a little progress with MrsL but got the feeling she was there for her husband and she didn’t really want to be there. Nonetheless she started to suck my cock which was soon very hard. I put my hand between her legs and then laid her on her back on the sofa and spread her legs and started on on clitoris, vagina and labia with my tongue. It was bizarre - she continuously looked at the porn on the TV - didn’t seem to be responding, until she suddenly orgasmed and threw her head back at the end of the sofa. I carried on slurping licking and the same happened again. One of my strangest sessions I’d had! MrV and MrsL left and the four of us chatted - reviewed MrsL and all came to the same conclusion. So the four of us then started to play again. MrC and Rita started a very intensive and long session - the noise from both of them was spectacular. I started working on MrsN’s vagina with my tongue but wasn’t long before we started to fuck and make love for ages till we both came again. We then adjourned to the balcony while Rita and C lay on the duvets chatting and laughing. N and I chatted and explained to her that my orgasms were dry since my prostate procedure but the good news was I could have multiple orgasms in a night and my cock didn’t need to relax much between them! (She thought that as I wasn’t ejaculating, she was doing something wrong - how far from the truth could you get!) I put my hand between her legs and started to massage her clitoris and she stroked my cock which went hard and she started to wank me. I asked her if she’d like to see me wank to orgasm - she says yes and I obliged - it was huge and strong - and while I was coming her labia fluttered open - it was very horny. It was now gone 2 and we switched off the TV and lights and cuddled respective partners. Rita then decided it was time for bed and so we left them and went to bed. Played and fucked for a while before we slept.

13/5 Woke mid morning (CandN were still asleep in the spare room)and I got up and cleared up the mess in the lounge and kitchen and shoved duvet covers and towels into the washing machine and then when back to bed. Got a strong hard on and so Rita and I made love. When we got up CandN headed back to their place to change and pick up some things. We headed to beach though it was cloudy and had a brunch. K and her daughter H joined us and then CandN joined us. I then left at 4pm to watch the Barcelona F1 and after an hour everyone turned up as the sun had disappeared. K soon left and after F1 around 6 we all decided on a doze which lasted through till 9pm! We the drank and chatted and around midnight we started to play. Rita started by giving C an erotic massage which N and I watched from the balcony while I massaged her clitoris, labia and vagina while the wanked and sucked my cock hard. We then moved into the lounge and lay on the duvets beside them. We started with a long and languid 69 and then slowly put N on her back and entered her for a very long and intimate fuck. She thrust her hips against my cock and ground it’s base against her clitoris. We fucked fast and slow and toward the end the tempo increased. I told her I was going to come and we looked at each other and fucked hard for a couple of minutes as we both came, for what was an awesome orgasm for me and pretty good for her too - she said! We collapsed beside each other, her genitals cupped in my hand and my cock in hers, breathing hard. We then had a break and the next session was with our respective partners. It was horny watching each other fuck as the two girls were so similar in their energy and enthusiasm. That was an amazing session too - we all fucked like rabbits till we collapsed exhausted. We then headed to our respective rooms. We fucked for another 30 mins before we fell asleep.


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