Dating site

We are into "Hotwifing".  We have found the selection of men limited on the traditional swingers sites.  I was thinking of putting a profile on a regular dating site.  It would tactfully and forthrightly explain what we expect and are looking for.

What do you think of the Idea?  Any suggestions on what site would be best?


05-14-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
With all of the new regulations, such an ad may draw unwanted attention and it gets shut down by a fearful site.  Good luck and let us know how it works.
05-14-2018 by PADOC
I wouldn't see why it wouldn't work. I think Eharmony would not be a fan and I'd shy away from the christian dating sites but maybe Match or what's the other one? Many fish or something like that if you're clear in your profile. What about one of the hook up sites?? They might work for you as well. We'd love to know how it works out for you.

05-14-2018 by HOTLUVRS
I can’t imagine any vanilla sites permitting a forthright posting. I would think that it might work for a little while, but some prude is bound to complain. 
Maybe something like tinder might work. 
Good luck. We’re rooting for you. 
05-15-2018 by BIISLANDCOUPLE
It will not work on Tinder for sure and I imagine the other regular dating sites will be the same.

We tried with Tinder a while back, to sign up as a single and then in the description we mentioned what we were seeking. Within 20 minutes they had sent us an email saying that our profile had been taken down because Tinder is for singles only.
05-15-2018 by KRISTI4U
We too are into "Hotwifing".  I am surprised that SDC Speed Dating has not fulfilled your list of potential candidates.  All I have to do is post an ad requesting a single guy, and bingo! I have a date.... actually pages of men from which to choose from.  You are beautiful ... can't imagine that not working for you.  SDC Chat Room also worked for me.

I had a blog on "tumblr" ... got a few good dates from it too without trying much... just fell into them.  Wasn't a blog looking for sex, but a few really hot guys contacted me... we chatted... got to know one another... and .....................

Kristi (and Doc)  
05-15-2018 by GG49
I have heard tumblr allows this sort of thing.  I imagine the same types of guys on there as on here though.
05-19-2018 by SPONGEWORTHY
I would try