FREE Video/Pic Editing- Free Data Recovery

I can add effects, text, transitions, and even ripped music (as long as its private) to your videos. If you don't want to go the expense of buying video editing software or aren't good at cropping and sizing pics, let me know. :) Even slideshows if you like. Just message me here or on KIK DJDanJones78 Also if you need any data recovery from phones or old computers I can do that for free as well. I'm in Alpharetta, Ga. So data recovery we would need to be able to meet.

Sorry for the repost, the title wasnt right


05-16-2018 by SOUTHERNGENT2010
Very cool! Already helping 2 couples!
05-16-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
This guy really seems legit and straight forward. If you live in the Atlanta area..............