Like, Friend, Validate

So, the communication functions on SDC have not been strictly defined. Perhaps they should not be, but this leaves room for interpretation, and on occasion, misunderstanding. For instance some people consider likes too trivial, and some are frankly offended by friend requests from those they have not met. So I am going to take a shot at some loose standardization and see what you think:

Like: Exactly what it sounds like. Could be trivial, could be a flirt, might mean interested, or need to see more to decide. A match can lead to an email or other form of contact. 

Friend: Met and liked a lot or perhaps just really hit it off in online conversation. Also for keeping up with clubs and organizers. 

Validation: Met. Could be superficial or intimate. Guess you will never know. But means you are a real person or couple. 

Plenty of people will feel differently about these definitions. But so far this is working for us. 


05-15-2018 by SOMELIME2
I could not agree more.  We're new here also and I feel like people sometimes are a little lazy to even check back at who liked them.  I guess there's a good amount of bullshiters scammers and pix collectors.