We are an attractive couple in search of other attractive couples. BUT, it seems that even when we write other couples there is rarely a response. ??? My Asian wife is open , beautiful an now bi-sexual with the right lady. So, what is the problem? Our profile has good photos of both of us and they are all recent. But it seems that some of the members on SDC think they are in some kind of super spy scenario. They have NO photos, they don't respond , no first names , not even g-rated photos? We don't need to see nudes, but it would be nice to see who we are talking to! 
My wife and I BOTH read the profiles and decide together who we are interest in. BUT, it seems that the majority of the men on the site are the ones who view the profiles and decide which women they want to meet. How about being considerate of what their wives want and need and find attractive. Most men on SDC are selfish and it seems they don't give a fuck about what their wives are looking for or are attracted to. It's all about the men it seems. Then there are the photos of just the top half of themselves ,not full body shots , even with cloths on. Or , then there are photos that are far in the distance, or fuzzy, or 20 years old! What bullshit that is. We are open, honest and know what we like. We both like to play ,but there is a lot of people on here that have no clue , they are just fooling around and not serious.
We had a dinner with a couple in Vero Beach. The wife was very nice and very receptive. The husband had the typical Napolean complex since he was short and well built. He had a real shit attitude and not very social. He also had a superior complex, what an asshole. Too bad because my wife and I really liked her, she had a great attitude  which made us wonder what she was doing with such a shit head husband. If we write to a couple it means we are actually interested in getting to know them, both socially and maybe sexually if it goes that way. Seems there are a lot of phonies and bullshit artist around.


05-15-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE

We seem to be different that what you have encountered.  If you read our profile, the appearance of the male half of a couple and how that strikes Mrs. Euro is our priority.  Yes I do look at the profiles, Mrs. Euro's primary language is Spanish.

But this does not mean I will take one for the team, at least not that often.

What I look for are possible photos of the male half, at least the physical description if there no or limited photos.

I do believe you are correct in your assessment, most profiles are written by the male, and the male does 99% of the searching.

As to why you are having problems, first do not expect people to be any less rude in this lifestyle than in the regular dating world.  Just let it go.  We do respond to every message, hoping that the writer did actually read our profile.

Your profile does not make it appear that your Mrs. is really into this, there are just a couple of slightly suggestive photos.  You are lucky that you are in a position to be able to show your faces, be aware any site can be hacked.

Your age difference can be a factor. Although your Mrs. is stunning, for me, a little too young.  I am weird, but I am just not into younger women. Are you taking into consideration the ages of those that you contact?  Maybe they consider you too old and her too young?  If we heard from you, we would likely take a pass because of age.

Another factor, just because you find yourselves attractive, does not mean others will share that opinion. Not important if you are a real live Ken and Barbie. Again, part of this hobby, do not take personally. This is not a dating site, this is a site to find others that want to exchange spouses for recreational sex. Different parameters.

Something to consider, start going to meat & greets. I know there have been some in West Palm.  The one last weekend in Boca would have been perfect for you. Lots of people in your age group. Clubs are usually too loud, but good for the first prearranged meating.

Patience, and accepting the "rules" of this game, help in the long run.

05-15-2018 by MFLOOKINGFORF
Women  are the ones that are in control if they don’t like what they see on a profile that their husband is showing them then it is not a match .the woman is usually heart in the man is not. And couples usually do not put their faces on your profile for a reason because they don’t want their jobs or anyone else knowing that they’re on the site .  If you request a face pic a lot of them will send them to you if they are interested in you as well .  And don’t expect a response I’ve learned a long time ago if they don’t like you they will not respond back to you .Remember the woman is always in control even though the man is the one surfing the site .he could like your wife ,but his wife may not be interested in you so therefore there is no match. Sorry to be so Blunt but this is the truth of the matter I figured it out along time ago and all new sign-ups I have to go through this until they figure it out.
05-15-2018 by CHANCESR
Like euro said, patience. Might also try getting out to meet and greets and clubs to meet others. Seeing one in person makes a difference sometimes and some people would rather meet in person rather than across the internet. Good luck.  
05-15-2018 by MFLOOKINGFORF
 Forgot to mention I am the wife I do serve this site my husband has nothing to do with it but I think I am a rare case . Good luck and give it time .
05-17-2018 by TRYST3
My friend, welcome to the wonderful world of SDC. Everything you said was 100% accurate but get ready for a deluge of husbands who are guilty of everything you called out who will have a million and one excuses and justifications as to why things are why they are. You'r right though.
12-24-2018 by ALLOUTSEX

Everybodys boat floats in different waters. Not always easy to make a connection.