Thank you all .

Thank you for those who responded to our blog. We appreciate the feed back and will learn from it. We have met some really good people on here and made a connection. I ( Jack ) didn't mean to be negative, it was just some venting towards some very rude people. We never expect anything when meeting others in person. We do have more than one validation, but others have not validated us even though we did play with them? We do enjoy dining,dancing,etc , even if we don't end up playing. We are a kind of GO WITH THE FLOW COUPLE. As for the face pics, we do understand. However ,after several mails and interest back and forth we would like a photo. No one on here is out to hurt anyone and respect for complete privacy is understood. A g-rated photo should be harmless after all a G-rated photo could come from anywhere , not a web site like this. But, your point is taken. We have No children and are able to freely meet with no hassles

. But, all the points in the response's are very well understood.


05-15-2018 by KWEST
Demographics: Your area is more remote with less swingers per square mile. My guess, all of Port St. Lucie adds up to the total SDC members within a few miles radius of Trap or Velvet? 'ROAD TRIP'!
05-15-2018 by SOMELIME2