WTF is happening at Cap D’AgdejQuery111009503147624117683_1531092831849?

We arrived a few days ago (for the SDC takeover) and have never seen so many clothes. We checked in to Eden and went out for supplies (water, champagne, Aperol, tequila, Cointreau, prosecco, limes...all the usual essentials) but for the first 5 minutes we thought we were in one of those scary dreams where you’re naked in public (or is that just me?) we were appropriately dressed (the ground is hot this time of year). So many people are clothed! We’ve been coming for 9 years and have never seen so much cover up. Hopefully it’s a statistical blimp but we’re worried it may be “the curious but unadventurous” coming in to see what all the fuss is about. Anyone else noticed this? 
Ps. Another great week inside the walls of Eden. 


07-09-2018 by MADLYDEEPLY
It’s increasingly noticeable. A reflection perhaps of the changing dynamic of the village, once wholely naturist but now increasingly influenced by the libertine culture. For some reason, a significant proportion of this new wave of visitors are not interested in enjoying the wonderful feeling to be naked.
Also, naturism is not always endorsed or encouraged by those who can influence matters. At Paralia beach for example, after beach parties were almost entirely naked. But now almost everyone wears something and to be naked is unusual. A pity.. 
But you will still have a great time!