World Cup Week 2/7 to 8/7/18

2/7 Woke and spent day working and reviewing bits and pieces. Rita got good news just after lunch that her eldest had been found and was in a hospital in London receding treatment for his condition. Rita was overjoyed - ending a lot of uncertainty over the past few months. We headed to gym at 4.30 and then did a small shop in Ladbroke Grove before Home for 6pm. Had supper and then watched the Japan Belgium match. Another brilliant match. Had an early night . Flat stifling - over 30c!

3/7 Woken at 9 and started to work while cool. Rita changed her plans and wasn’t now going to see MsI. We had some mimosa on the terrace, naked in the sun and chatted about her eldest. I left after 2pm for a meeting with EansS at Colbert In Sloane Sq. Also arranged with MrP to watch the England match tonight at the Walmer Castle. Good meeting at Colbert over a glass of rose and a croquet monsieur. Then home and a little later - good to escape the sauna of a flat we took a taxi to The Walmer Castle - a pub on Ledbury Rd, to join P for some pub food. We had a table under a large screen to watch the match. Rita wasn’t very comfortable, as I suspected she wouldn’t be, and left at half time for home. The match was a difficult one - Columbia more intent on a wrestling contest than playing football and deserved to be 1-0 at half time. P and I had a fun time, taking about his current girlfriend, whom we had played with at the weekend, and commenting on the talent in the pub. Second half was aimless and England got caught out in the last few minutes. Extra time, still 1-1 and so it was hold your breath time during penalties. The cacophony in the pub was ear busting - particularly when England scored the beating penalty shot! P and I then walked home. Rita was nearly asleep and so I joined her in bed- read a while before dropping off.

4/7 Woke for an online sales meeting call and after that the day seemed to fill until we both left just before 4pm and took a taxi to visit Rita’s eldest in hospital. It was a very institutional environment and Rita was pretty taken aback but of course very pleased to see him. We left and took a taxi home and went to the local Turkish for an early supper. Then home and Rita collapsed on the bed asleep from emotional exhaustion. Watched TV for a while. Came down at 10pm - watched a little TV before sleeping.

5/7 We woke around 9. Rita rested after a long sleep and recovered somewhat from yesterday’s traumas. Worked through another steaming hot day in the flat with a break to go to the gym together around 3pm. We got invited to a birthday party on Saturday but eventually declined as we would have missed both Russia’s and England’s matches. Watched an interesting film called “The Endless” and then smoked a little M on the balcony. In bed we watched a new series on Netflix - called “Good Girls” - very funny! Then we slowly made love and Rita Came a couple of times before we separated our damp bodies and fell asleep for another hot night!

6/7 Friday at last. Another week warm day. Finished work after lunch and chilled with Rita. Got ready early and headed to HH for the Independence Day Party. As we left a little earlier we to the 23 bus to HH and arrived just before 10. It was a quietish first couple of hours but we sat and chatted on one of the balconies and socialised as people came though. After midnight it got busier and we sat and drank with AandS and listened to the show. MdL- a young slim stunning Iranian women in her 20’s and good friends with Rita laughed together and took over the show! Met MandD and to friends of theirs. One a half Ukrainian / Ghanaian - got on with Rita and me. I popped on to Portman Sq for a little M and came back and met MsS on the dance floor- she said she could smell M. I looked her in the eye - kissed her on the cheek and said - what is this place coming too - we both laughed. Her friend said the would die for some to chill and so was happy to oblige. Around 2am we all headed to The Vault - danced and chatted and I hit a wall around 3.30am - a shame as our new half Ghanaian/Russian friend would have come home with us and I knew I only had enough energy for Rita!! Taxi home - chilled with some M on the balcony and watched the dawn. Got a second wind and Rita and I headed to the bedroom and fucked and played till we collapsed.

7/7 Woke toward midday and slowly got up and headed to P’s after 2pm to watch the England/ Sweden match. MsI was there and and we had some drinks and got ready to watch the match. What a match - great result. MrPand his wife Y arrived with their 2 year old who was a bit of a pain. Turned out they also were in the lifestyle. What a football match - great result! P, his friend and Y left and we carried on laughing and chatting and and talking about Cap next week. Poor P was knackered and had an early start on Sunday and so we said our goodbyes at half time if the Russian/Croatia match - another amazing of football. All credit to Russia to hosting and playing what I think the people who went would say it was best World Cup event for decades! At home we watched the end of the match and then showered and got naked and spent through till 4am partying and playing, making love at 2am on the balcony, fucking, eating tubs of Oreo ice cream and masturbating each other until we pulled apart and I fell asleep instantly. Rita didn’t and went to raid the fridge as she was so hungry - we really hadn’t eaten all day!

8/7 Woke at 10.30 and I had a little tea and toast and we got ready and headed to our favourite Spanish restaurant in Portobello. There was a large music festival going on in and around the market and so the place was buzzing. We had a great meal and conversation and then headed home. I watched a recording of the F1 at Silverstone - exciting race. We finished the C. Had a quiet evening / watched Phantom Thread ( Daniel Day Lewis’s new film), a languid but great Sunday film and love story and then had an early bed, though it was so hot getting to sleep was difficult.


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