A few extra pounds

So, I’ve been mulling over another issue....I’ve recently started chatting to three really nice couples. With the two of them I chat semi-regularly and I’ve even played with one of them. I DO like the fact that this website is a lot more serious about swinging and there is a lot less trolling than the other website, through which I met all of them. I do want to invite those couples to join this website, but, the two of the couples are of a larger build. But, both of the women apparently get so turned on that they can squirt (which is my favourite). So, I am thinking.....would this website be good for them? Considering that most people in here seem to be on the slimmer side of the spectrum....Please don’t shoot me down if you think I’m talking nonsense, it’s just that I have come across very, very few profiles of swingers who have quite a few extra pounds here....unless there’s plenty of you and I just haven’t seen you! What are your suggestions people? 


08-03-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE

Just do it Jay, have them sign up that is.  I have to believe there are profiles on ay site, whether lifestyle or vanilla, where the people in those profile have fudged about a few things including their weight.    

  No!!!!!!!   Really????

If they do sign up, just tell them to be honest.  They may be surprised to find others like you that find that attribute attractive. Nothing ventured, nothing gained (no pun inteneded).

08-03-2018 by SHARELION711
Many people overprofile. The pictures are from their salad days. Any M&G I have been to looks like America. And that is good. Better to be honest then to disappoint at a meeting. We are average and imperfect and we enjoy people who are the same. 
08-04-2018 by JBP1954
There are plenty of profiles on here with pictures of people who are larger than "athletic", even "fluffy".

Speaking for myself (male half), I like women of pretty much all shapes and sizes, as long as I feel some chemistry with them. Some of the best sexual experiences I've had have been with larger women. It simply doesn't matter.

By all means, tell them to sign up. If they're nice people, they'll do fine here.
08-04-2018 by GREEDYJAY
What a shame you are not in the UK --> EUROMEXCOUPLE
08-04-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Damn Jay, what a beautiful compliment, thanks.
08-06-2018 by BENM515
Sure, if you take a look at profiles they often say "slim attractive couple"... so what?
Does that mean that people with a couple of pounds extra have no rights in the lifestyle?
Just tell them they shouldn't care. If they are happy with the way they look, fine. That's the only thing that matters.
08-06-2018 by GREEDYJAY
Personally, these are my thoughts exactly BENM515. There is room for all the good people x