Cruise Hookups

We have a quick question about hooking up while on a vanilla cruise. Is their a website dedicated to identifying other lifestyle members on our cruise? Or can you suggest a method that would help with that?  Thanks


08-03-2018 by TRAVELERS122227
I would suggest your best bet would be posting a speed dating and/or travel notification regarding the specific cruise for the appropriate dates and departure city.
08-03-2018 by KRISTI4U
We took our extended family on a cruise... had to be extremely discreet.  Posted it on Speed Dating and the SDC Travel section.  The Travel Section worked for us.   We hooked up with a fantastic couple, two single guys, and a married male.  Put the kids to bed, etc. "went for a walk to look at the moon".  Need I say that we didn't see much of the moon ?  LOL

Kristi and Doc
08-03-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Go to the travel section, post your plans and then look to see if anyone else posted the same plans.
08-03-2018 by MEET4WINE
Thanks guys for the help. We are already getting some feedback.
08-03-2018 by GBNP
Try "Already booked"
08-04-2018 by MEET4WINE
Thank you GBNP I will try that as well.thank you.
08-05-2018 by JBP1954
@GBNP - what is "Already Booked"?
08-05-2018 by MEET4WINE
The website has shutdown for a short break. However at the bottom you will see a tab to redirect you to another site.
08-05-2018 by GBNP
I probably should have checked before posting!  Yes, the site is down (for now I guess), but people would put their plans on their to find other cruisers.  It was a good site, it sorted by cruise line and ship.