Desire in December

Was browsing cheap caribbean and other discount travel sites and found a really good deal for Desire in December but I'm curious what it's like without an event going on and during the off season. I know it's not going to be jam packed but I don't want it "Dead" either...

Anyone traveled there in the middle of December or around the middle before? Any advice? Opinions? Experience?

Thanks in advance


08-09-2018 by LUCKYLYNDY
anytime is a good time to go to Desire RM 
08-13-2018 by MATTKENZIE
We went to Pearl for the 2nd time during August of 2017, just before the main event of SYW where the venue has some changes specific to the event, and we had a blast. It was the 2nd week of August and even with the temperature being slightly cooler than the depths of Hell, the place appeared full. 

If you're looking for Venue/Event entertainment, the resort does a good job during "regular" times as was the case in our first trip in March of 2016. Obviously it will be elevated during Special Events but Regular Pearl was well worth it, twice. Third time is coming up just after New Years around early February, special event or not. 

Check/join the Desire SDC groups if you haven't already or go to the Desire forums if you haven't already. There you'll find out who will be there during your stay but more than likely there will be more who will be there who did not post on either site: 
08-13-2018 by DOMINIONDALLAS
Thanks for the info everyone. We went ahead and just booked it. Was too good a deal not to pass up!