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When you are having sex play. Do you prefer that it is silent sex, or do you prefer that the sex play is filled with sounds like moaning, groaning, etc


08-06-2018 by KYLENKATTY
Moaning and groaning is generally nice feedback, but we really enjoy erotic talking during.   Stimulating our minds along with our bodies is sexual dynamite.
08-08-2018 by BENM515
Just wondering about the added value of the pictures in your post.
We assume you just posted your question as an excuse to post your pictures. If so, that's sad and pathethic

08-08-2018 by NATURALG
Normally when someone starts a blog as a discussion platform they don't post pics of their


as part of the discussion.
08-08-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
This blog has been posted repeatedly. Getting a bit old. Either the poster has a fascination with his own genitalia, or he thinks this will get him some action.  Honestly, most women would likely grimace with the thought of pain by this too large member.
08-09-2018 by KATIENBILL
Classic example of why they shouldn’t have gotten rid of Craig list.......where else do they go?
08-10-2018 by
I love single guys and I LOVE well endowed guys. But when people post like this guy does, you’re actually losing possible play partners. I know I’m turned off..... you might want to change your approach. Post under speed dates rather than here.