Our MfM interest

We would enjoy the company of a good conversationalist, one that loves kissing, loves giving oral to woman slowly enjoying as her sexual desires build, feeling and hearing her response for 10-30 minutes or longer, realizes this is for both her and for all of our shared pleasure. He does not take over but wants to share our intimate sexual loving. He finds it so erotic and exciting to be laying naked in bed with us, wife is between us as our excitement builds along with her intense cravings of intimate sexual satisfaction, we both share kissing her, dh caressing her, holding her breast as he teases her nipple with his tongue then as dw opens her legs wider as an invitation to welcome one of our hard excited cocks dh eagerly and willingly offers our new sm friend the opportunity to enjoy having her first as he holds and caresses dw he is getting more excited sharing the experience of her and her new sm bf and his dw orgasm together, dh then trades places to share loving with his dw as her bf lovingly kisses her begins his recovery. Our sm friend is one that does not mind but instead is excited for the opportunity of again slipping inside her after dw has shared loving from us both and is so very slippery from the orgasms the three of us have shared, and he becomes even more excited as they enjoy a very slow sensitive loving experience of his erect cock slowly thrusting as she lifts her hips to meet him and welcome him into her warm soaking dripping sloppy wife as she with one hand on his chest and the other holds her husbands hand knowing all three of us are having an evening to be savored enjoyed and remembered! ARE YOU THE CHOSEN ONE?


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