Party Week: 28/7 to 5/8

28/7 Woke at 7 and read Times before dozing again. We came too around 10.30. Spent time on finalising Rita’s birthday trip next year and catching up on stuff. Mid afternoon, binge watched the new Netflix series on Rome and the story of Caesar. Mid evening we got ready to head to Home House. Arrived just before 10 and we shared a bottle of champagne and chatted for about 1.5hrs before DandB and entourage turned up. Around midnight R&O turned up and we socialised with them. We had a fun evening and around 2am when down to the Vault and danced with R&O. We left just before 4am and popped into R&O’s room at HH to say goodbye before getting a taxi home. There we started a party where we spent the next 18 hours playing, fucking, laughing and orgasming. Not much we didn’t do!

29/7 We managed to grab a few hours sleep between 8 and midday and woke up starving and so we ordered a Thai meal and while we were waiting I slowly staggered to local shops to pick up some booze and bits. I then watched the Hungarian F1 and after a great race, the party carried on where we left off. We headed to bed at 11pm and watched a new film on Netflix - Extinction - made love for the last time before we both fell asleep around 1.30am.

30/7 Got woken at 9 with a call from my Finance Manager. Rita’s period started. Slowly woke up and around 10 started work, till Rita and I went to the gym and then helped Rita back with some shopping. She then left to meet up with her eldest. Watched TV from early evening - Rita chilled. Early bed

31/7 Normal sort of working day and at 6pm we left to see consultant at St Mary’s re Rita’s persistent cough. Very nice physician and we agreed in a 3 month course of a strong proton inhibitor to eliminate whether reflux was the problem. At 7pm we took an Uber to Hammersmith fir a private party. The story begins... we were invited by a couple on SDC who gave us what turned out to be the wrong house number in the street- though fortunately he said you could tell by the type and colour of the car in the drive. Knocked on first house - no joy - then Rita saw “the car” in a drive and so we knocked there. Then ensued a slightly difficult conversation trying to establish if there was a swingers party there that night as the original invitee wouldn’t give us their names or names of the hosts!After a couple of attempts it was sorted but the hilarious thing was the hosts - RandM - had no idea who we were - thought we were our invitees and we were MrsndMrsM!!! Already there were a MrandMrsS and eventually our invitees turned up as well - oblivious to the confusion they had caused. The host’s house was a lovely riverside townhouse and after a few bubbles and fondling we discarded clothes and headed upstairs. The part split and I was on the bed with MrsM (a beautiful Jamaican) and MrandMrsM and we played as a 4some till the other couple left and after M sucked the finishing touches to my now very hard cock, she lay on her back and lifting her legs I entered her and we started to rock and fuck together. To start with M used a small vibrator to stimulate her clitoris but she soon abandoned it as we fucked harder and stronger to her ever increasing groans. After we had finished I went down on her and finished her with a lot of tongue attention to her clitoris, labia and vagina - glistening pink between her legs. Upstairs MrR was giving Rita a lot of attention in the jacuzzi. We then took a break on the terrace and then headed back upstairs and joined the party. I started to fuck Rita doggy style while sucked off MrS who eventually came. Then MrS fucked Rita’s arse which she thoroughly enjoyed and later while MrR and MrsS pleasured Rita I finger fucked MrsM while she sucked off her partner and then I put her on her back and licked her to an orgasm. Her husband invited me to fuck her, but though she was nice, I hadn’t really been able to make any sort of connection with her and MrsS and so never got round to fucking them (why take second best when you had the best in Rita and MrsM). Rita then pointed out it was gone 11pm and so we started to get ready and say our goodbyes and others started to get ready to leave too. In the taxi home we said what a great party and lovely hosts and then Rita realised it was only gone 10 as she had forgotten to put her watch back from French time. At home we chilled on the balcony - I had some M - and then went to bed and still horny, we fucked for another hour before falling asleep.

1/8 Alarm went off just before 9 and I dragged myself up for an online sales meeting. Then back to bed - read Times - did some work and after midday we headed to the gym. Quietist afternoon doing bits and pieces and around 5.30 headed together to Westfield. Rita saw her eldest and had a brief chat with him. We had a nice Albariño and tapas at the Spanish bar and then a little shopping before we headed into see the latest Mission Impossible film at 7.30. It was a 2.5 hr adrenaline rush - thoroughly enjoyed it and then home. Watched a little TV in bed and then fell asleep.

2/8 Woke at 7.30 and did emails and read Times before we got up. Rita got herself ready to go to her youngest’s flat. Had an email from R and M, saying how much they enjoyed our company at the party on Tuesday and invited us to supper with them and to party on the 16th. Rita left before midday and I popped up to go to the chemist and buy some booze. Looked at trades, shares and cleared a load of small things I had to do. Had a visit from PP. It was another very hot day - over 30c. Kept the bedrooms cool. Late afternoon started to watch some catch up TV. Rita was home at 5.30 - feeling tired - we had supper and had an early bed.

3/8 Friday was another hot sultry day and early evening we got ready to head to Home House for the 20th anniversary party. We arrive after 9pm and it was already packed - must have been around 800 people. It was a great party and we spent till 3.30 dancing, drinking, watching the cabarets and socializing. Early on we met MrsV looking very sexy. She was wearing a very low cut dress at the back She said this time no knickers! So I took the invitation to slip my hand down the back of her dress to cup her and play with her very firm, (she is a personal trainer) naked bottom. It was one of those parties! At the end of the party we went up with PandS to their room with a view to play. After getting rid of a drunk Asian woman we got naked and MrP and Rita hit the bed and fucked for half an hour or so. MsS and I got high in the bathroom on Marijuana and mutually masturbated and then I went down on her and licked and sucked her to orgasm. We left HH around 5am - taxi home - and we played and fucked hard through till 7am when we fell asleep.


4/8 We woke around lunchtime and carried on partying. P who had picked up I from her flat came round around 5pm and we drank and partied, chatted and laughed till the left around midnight. Rita and I then started to play. We continued playing and fucking and virtually anything else we could thing off through till 5am. Tried to sleep but couldn’t and so around 7am we had another wild session and didn’t fall asleep till around 9am

5/8 Slowly got up and at 2pm we walked down to the Mitre where we were meeting my youngest and his wife for a long lunch which was entertaining and non stop chat. Said our goodbyes at around 4.30 and we headed home, where we watched TV in the evening , then after bed and made love and fucked through till past 1am when after a hot milky drink - we slept.


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