Things to say to your wife after....

After you had a great time (and your wife saw it) but your wife had a terrible time:
- «She has a young body but you are the total package, baby »
- « no, I did not cum in her mouth »
- « you give way better blow jobs »
- « she might be 10 years younger than you but she doesn’t move like you »
- “her fake boobs are perfect but yours feel better”
- « I would not leave you for her even if she gave me a million dollars»
- « come here baby, let me take care of you”
- “I think she faked it”
- “next time we will ask for dick pics”
- “I swear he looked younger and more in shape in his profile pics”
- “I will share my Viagra next time”

and the one that works e-ve-ry time: “She was ok”.

Suggestions anyone?


08-07-2018 by INBOX
Next time we go out, we are going to line you up with a single stud.  (...and we have)
08-07-2018 by PADOC
Im sorry dear!!! Can I lick that for you??
08-07-2018 by LISAMIKE4CPLS
it was like parking a Fiat in a 3 car garage !!!
08-08-2018 by INBOX
For LISAMIKE4CPLS ~   Lol , so True !  Been with women where my junk couldnt even feel the sides.  Then I thank my wife she is not like that and keeps things tight !
08-09-2018 by FRISKYHOT
But baby, I was taking one for the team. I thought you really liked him.