What is the difference between a `select single male` and `single male` ?

We see a lot of postings on speed dating/travel calendars that couples ask for "select single males". So we are curious what is the definition (in your opinion) of a select single male compared to just a single male?


08-09-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Confusing, likely refers to whether they shower before they meet you......
08-10-2018 by NAUGHTYFITCPL
Maybe they are referring to PSG “Preferred Single Gentlemen” which is located on some of the single males profiles. I think if a single guy gets so many validations he gets a “stamp” on his profile that says PSG. That’s all that comes to my mind of what they might be referring to.
08-10-2018 by CHARLES5432
I've always interpreted it as they will be very, very selective in who they choose. Whether it's age, d*** size, race or what ever. They have a criteria but don't necessarily want to post it. Another possible meaning is they'll wait to cull through all the responses first then take the best of group.
08-11-2018 by NICODAMUS23
It means they don't want an ugly dude with a small dick.