An experience we liked a lot!

It started with a little story my wife told me one night as we were in bed snuggling. She told me that once in her single teenage days her then boyfriend invited her to a party a friend of his was having. That night as she was getting ready for her boyfriend to pick her up, for some reason, she was feeling sexy and while showering made sure she shaved and trimmed very closely. The outfit she picked to wear was a short skirt, white panties and a top she would not have to wear a bra underneath that showed off the form of her young firm breast and nipples in a very provocative way.   At the party her boyfriend had encouraged her to drink wild turkey and coke and it really affected her to where she was in a very happy and loving mood and was teasing him a lot, hugging and kissing and even grinding herself against him feeling his cock growing more excited as they kissed.   As the party winded down, she was sitting on her boyfriends lap teasing him on a sofa as next to them a guy friend of his they had been hanging out with during the evening sat sipping his drink pretending not to be aware of what they were doing, and suddenly on an impulse she invited her boyfriend and also asked just to be nice asked his guy friend if he also wanted to come over to her apartment to watch TV and hang out for a while since they did not yet want to end the evening and were becoming bored at the party. He accepted the invitation and the three of them had ended up spending the entire night together with her being the center of attention and she had enjoyed them both so very much. She replayed the long nights events in great detail from making out with her boyfriend in her bedroom, to asking his permission if she could invite his hot looking friend to share their bed as he was obviously bored watching TV alone, to telling me how she had licked both of their cocks, how they both had taken turns licking her pussy and clit causing her to orgasm several times. She had fully given herself to them both to enjoy and enjoy they did, each taking turns fucking her tight pussy all night long, both cumming several times inside of her making her once tight pussy enlarged and sloppy wet with the mixture of her lubrication with both of their cocks pulsing and squirting their cum deep inside her until she was so sloppy wet there was hardly any friction as they fucked. They had continued fucking her until they all feel asleep exhausted holding her between them as she noticed the sun coming up in the morning.  


It surprised her that it made me so horny... that I could not help myself and got so excited hearing her story I suddenly squirted my cum all over without her even touching me. Soon she was using this "technique" to her advantage. If she wanted to tease me for her pleasure she'd simply snuggle up to me and casually say something like... do you need a bedtime story?


We were out to dinner at a place with good food that also had a bar and a dance floor and small stage for local bands to play on the weekends. After dinner the band started to play and we were just hanging out at the bar when Lynn noticed an old acquaintance, friend of a friend come in. Lynn’s eyes meet his and he came over and said hello how have you been. Lynn introduced me to him and they started catching up on what they had been up to over the past few years with me mainly listening a lot.   He was still living in the area and recently divorced. As they chatted I excused myself to the men’s room. I was returning I saw that Lynn and Adam were on the dance floor. I was thinking this is great, we will have someone to socialize with and Lynn will have someone new to dance with. For over the next two hours or so, we took turns dancing with Lynn and Adam keep ordering us a fresh drink as soon as our glasses were nearing empty... and I must say I enjoyed watching Lynn flirt and even tease Adam. Lynn was enjoying the attention and Adam was obviously having a great time dancing and socializing with us. Lynn and Adam really connected and she seemed to really be enjoying the fact that Adam’s was so interested in talking and was so attentive to her, and she was smiling and flirting with him like she was on a first date. While Lynn and I were dancing... I said to her..." Adam is really enjoying your company and all the flirting, I bet he is craving your hot body, you are really being a tease” She replied by whispering in my ear... "I can definitely tell he is excited by the way he holds me when we dance, and I can feel his cock is really hard and excited, I may need a spanking later for being so bad tonight.” Well I got hard instantly and knowing how our attention was causing Lynn to crave loving, I was looking forward to a night of hot kinky sex as soon as we ditched Adam and got back home.

The crowd was beginning to thin out, the dance floor was empty, and as much as we hated the fun to come to an end, it was time to think about calling it a night. I was feeling the effects of several drinks, and both Adam and I had been encouraging Lynn to have maybe one to many also. I was a little nervous thinking about the risk of driving home, but Adam had been sipping cokes all night, and volunteered to give us a ride home. Lynn replied, thank you so much and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

It was at this point that I started thinking about the possibilities of what could happen and wondering if maybe Lynn would be interested or open to Adam’s advances and if Lynn was maybe in the mood for having a hot threesome with Adam. While we waited for Adam to get his car I held Lynn tightly and gave her a little kiss on the neck and whispered, you are so sexy, I can’t wait to get you home. I also added Adam will be feeling left out knowing what we will be up to after he drops us off. You have teased and flirted with him so much tonight that he will probably have to take go home and will have to fantasize about you as he relieves the stress you have caused him tonight being such a bad girl. Lynn replies, I love being a bad girl. As Adam pulls up, I open the passenger side door for Lynn so she can sit in front with Adam and I get in the backseat. When Lynn sits down, I see Adam checking out her sexy legs as she buckles her seat belt. On the way home Lynn and Adam chatted away like two teenagers on a date. When we got to our house, Lynn asked Adam if he would like to come in for a minute to see our house.   Adam said yes, I would love to and the three of us went inside. By now my stomach was filled with butterfly's wondering if in fact something along the lines of what we had talked about when we had kinky hot sex so many times might really happen tonight with Adam. Once inside I put on some music, poured a glass of wine for Lynn and Adam and thought maybe if I give them a little space, things might heat up, so I excused myself to go outside to turn on the hot tub for later use. After about 15 minutes, Lynn comes up behind me and gives me a very hot wet kiss and said, can I invite Adam to get in the hot tub with us? I said of course, but are you going to be a good girl? Lynn replies, of course honey, I am always a good girl and gives me another wet kiss as she rubs my now growing cock through my pants then she leaves me in a state of excitement to go back inside to get Adam.



As I am testing the temperature of the hot tub water I light a couple of candles around the tub for a romantic setting, just then, Lynn and Adam come outside with Lynn holding his hand leading him around the pool to the hot tub with each of them holding their glass of wine in the other. Adam comments that the hot tub looks very inviting, and Lynn says, would you like to get in? Adam replies, yes, I would love to try it out, but I don’t have a swimsuit to wear. Lynn immediately smiles and says, Adam, since you don’t have one, we’ll all have to do without. She then slips her shoes off and starts unbuttoning her blouse. I quickly decide maybe I better give them a little space and excuse myself to go get some towels from inside.


From inside I peek out the window and see Lynn standing by the hot tub only in her bra and panties as Adam starts undressing as he lays his shirt on the table next to Lynn’s clothes. She looks so hot and sexy, especially her cute little ass in her white lace boy shorts as she turned to feel the temperature of the water. As she turned around, Adam was down to just his shorts as Lynn reaches behind to unfasten her bra and laid it down on the growing pile of clothes on the table. Her breast and nipples looked so feminine and sexy as the candles gently emulated her almost naked form. Then she steps out of her panties as Adam slips off his shorts and Lynn takes his hand and they pick up their glasses of wine   as she leads him to the edge and they step into the hot tub together.


I gather up three beach towels, and also three glasses and a bottle of champagne. I take my time, which is very hard knowing that they are now both naked outside in the hot tub with candles lit. I ponder whether to turn on the music as we have speakers around the pool and hot tub area. I finally decide to and adjust the sound and then flip the switch to turn on the outdoor speakers. I have purposely left them alone for about 15 minutes now and before heading out to the hot tub with the towels, glasses and champagne, I take another peek out the window. I see Lynn sitting on Adam's lap in the hot tub facing him, her arms around his neck as their lips are locked together and it’s obvious their tongues are touching as she kisses him fully on the lips. Both of his hands are caressing her breast and nipples as they kiss. Watching them, my cock is becoming so hard and sensitive, I am so excited thinking about how Lynn is craving his cock and is obviously offering herself to him.


 As I open the door to take the goodies outside, I hear the soft music playing just right and the two of them giggling in an obviously happy mood as I approach. Lynn now moves to sit opposite of Adam and says to me, we were wondering what was taking you so long. You are so thoughtful bringing champagne; we just finished our glasses of wine. Come on in, the water feels great. I set the bottle of champagne and glasses down as I quickly strip naked and step in. After a few seconds to adjust to the hot water temperature, I hand Lynn and Adam an empty glass and pop the cork on the champagne bottle and pore each of us a glass. It’s a beautiful night, the stars are shining, the candles are casting a soft glow and the music is just right. Lynn raises her glass for a toast to a wonderful evening.


I settle down next to Lynn and give her thigh a little rub and squeeze feeling her naked body next to me as I ask her, have you been a good or naughty girl? Lynn smiles and replies, a little of both. She then turns and gives me a very hot kiss as her hand reaches under the water to grab my now hard cock and gently squeezes it as she gives me a really wet kiss. Now I can see that her feet are extended straight out obviously resting near Adam’s cock. After our hot kiss, I ask Adam if Lynn has been good or naughty. He looks at her and says, well maybe a little of both. I turn to Lynn and ask, are you going to just tease us in a little dare kind of voice. With that she says, maybe, stands up and straddles Adam and as she sits down on his lap, takes her hands and guides his head and lips to her as she slips her tongue inside his open lips. I move behind her and start kissing her on the neck as I reach around her with both hands cupping her breast. She is now moving her hips slightly back and forth rubbing her pussy on his cock. As they break away from their long kiss, Adam kisses and licks Lynn’s breast and nipples as I cup and hold them for him while I continue to kiss her neck then she turns her head towards me, moans from the attention and pleasure sensations and kisses me as Adam teases her nipples with his mouth and tongue. By now we are very hot and Adam and I are really excited. I stand beside Lynn with my erect cock and she immediately takes me in her hands and guides it into her mouth. She is now licking and sucking me just a few inches away from Adam giving him a close up view of her oral talents.   Pausing for a second, Lynn looks at both of us, smiles and says, I really need some loving, are you two going to take me to bed?


Now I realize how much Lynn wants us, so I step out of the hot tub, grab the towels as they linger for a minute kissing and caressing each other, then as I dry myself off and wrap the towel around me with my erect cock poking out, Lynn takes Adam’s hand as she lifts herself off of his lap and they stand up to reach for their towels. I notice Adam’s cock is about as long as mine, but appears quite a bit thicker. I am thinking how Lynn will feel the first time he slips his thick cock past her pussy lips and how she will enjoy the way he fits inside her tight pussy. After they dry off a little, Lynn wraps the towel around her, reaches for Adam’s hand and the three of us follow her lead back inside to the spare bedroom. I had previously turned on a small table lamp that cast soft light just enough to be able to see clearly. Lynn leads Adam to the bed and the two of them lay down in the middle as Adam gives her another kiss as his hand slowly and softly feels her breast and nipples. What a sight, the two of them naked laying in bed together kissing and caressing each other with Lynn reaching out to hold his hard cock in her free hand. I know what really makes Lynn crave to be fucked, and that’s having an intense orgasm from receiving oral stimulation. Dropping my wet towel on the floor, I slip between Lynn’s legs as she spreads them for me. Adam has found her wet pussy and is gently exploring her clit after slipping his wet finger from inside her. I replace his finger with my mouth and tongue, first licking her wet pussy lips, and then gently making circles around her clit with my tongue. Lynn lets out a deep moan of pleasure as she and Adam continue kissing.


As I speed up the stimulation of Lynn’s clit, Adam moves to a position where Lynn can take his cock into her mouth. As her clit become even more sensitive, she begins to raise her hips to my mouth and I feel her pussy squirt a little of her lubrication on my chin as she quivers from our attention. Knowing she is close to an intense orgasm, I think how wonderful and pleasing to Adam if Lynn were to climax when he is inside her and how exciting it would be for them both to feel Lynn’s involuntary contractions and spasm of her pussy from her orgasm as Adam pushes his cock deep inside and how much Lynn would love to feel Adam’s cock pulsing and squirting his cum inside her as she lifts her hips to meet his deep thrust, so I slow down my stimulation of her clit making her squirm and moan as she wants to climax badly. As Lynn is breathing deeply, she soft moans and says to Adam, Please I want to feel you inside, I can’t take it any more, please take me, I want to feel you inside me, please fuck me now. Adam and I shift positions; he now moves to get a taste and feel of Lynn’s pussy as I give her a kiss. She tenses up as his tongue finds her sensitive clit and she moans with pleasure, she is so close to coming. I feel the bed shift as Adam moves to position himself and see him holding his cock with one hand as he rubs its head up and down on her pussy lips getting the head of his cock wet and slippery to make it easier to slip inside. Lynn lifts her hips and I can tell she is really craving to feel his cock inside of her. Adam looks at me, smiles and positions the head of his cock at the opening of Lynn’s wet pussy and gently pushes the head past her lips as Lynn moans loudly and raises her hips higher wanting all of him inside. With one slow deliberate push, Adam’s cock disappears deep all the way inside. Now Adam starts stroking his cock slowly almost out then plunges back deep inside filling her once tight pussy with his thick cock all the way until he obviously hits the end of her pussy. As Lynn responds to his slow thrust he begins to speed up, their naked bodies are now slapping together each time Adam thrust deeply inside. Lynn is moaning loudly as her body suddenly involuntary contracts and shakes as her climax begins. She now reaches out to hold onto his hips pulling his cock deeper inside as she convulses with an intense orgasm. Adam is now thrusting his cock faster and deeper inside, them momentarily pauses on a deep thrust as Lynn reaches the peak of her orgasm, Adam moans out loud, Yes Yes as he obviously is squirting loads of cum as deep as possible inside her pussy. For a few moments he speeds up this thrust, then slows as they both are moaning and he strains to squirt the last few drops of cum. He pauses for a few seconds, then very slowly slides his cock back and forth enjoying how Lynn’s now sloppy wet pussy feels then finally lets his cock slip out as Lynn sighs and quivers from the last effects of her intense orgasm and he lowers himself on top of her to give her a deep kiss.


As I enjoy the odor of their sweating bodies and the telltale smell their fucking as Lynn holds Adam tightly savoring the effects of her first new cock in years, I am thinking of how much I crave my turn to enjoy Lynn’s dripping wet, thoroughly well fucked, cum filled pussy and the sloppy seconds I have been dreaming about.


By now, I am so hot and my cock is so hard its ready to explode.  But first I must taste her freshly fucked and cum filled pussy. I give them a few minutes to snuggle and recover, then slowly slide down to the foot of the bed and make my way to her pussy. Right away I smell that intense telltale smell of fucking. Lynn feels me, knows what I want and she spreads her legs for me to gain access to her pussy. At first, I gently lick the sides of her pussy lips being careful with her clit, as I know how sensitive it is right now. I can see Adam’s cum oozing out of her small opening, but that does not stop me from enjoying the taste of her wet pussy. I can’t help but taste some of his cum mixed with her juices and that slippery feeling on my tongue and on my face and chin. I eventually start gentle wide circles around her clit with my tongue and as I feel she can take a little more stimulation, I make tighter circles around it. As I sneak a peek at them, Adam is caressing her breast and pinching her nipples as he kisses her on her neck as she has one hand holding his head. I am also aware that her other hand is holding his cock, so gently moving her hand stimulating him and I know she wants more loving from us both tonight. As I give her a little more stimulation on her clit, Lynn’s legs tighten around my head, now I realize she can have another orgasm right after the first one if I do this the way she needs me to. She is enjoying Adams kisses and caresses combined with the oral loving I am giving her so much she spreads her legs even more as she raises her hips for me to speed up the stimulation of her clit as she moans from our attention. My cock is so hard and excited as I am rubbing myself on the smooth sheets of the bed making my cock feel so good.  Suddenly, Lynn’s body tenses up again, and I give her a little more stimulation to her clit. She again begins to shake and moan as she puts my head in a tight grip as her whole body becomes rigid, and has an even more intense orgasm than the first. Lynn continues to shake uncontrollably for what seems like a minute, then she becomes to sensitive for any more stimulation by my mouth and tongue so I just held my mouth on her pussy and clit very gently sucking a little as her involuntary spasm’s subside. Lynn now has had enough oral stimulation for now and craves to feel me inside making love with her. She reaches and pulls me up towards her as she spreads her legs wide, I hold my extremely hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. Lynn says I need and want you as she lifts her hips to welcome my cock inside of her.  As I push, I feel no resistance and freely slip inside her soaking wet slippery pussy. I immediately notice how different she feels. She is not tight at all as she usually is, but feels enlarged inside. I can feel her all around me, but her pussy is not griping my cock like it usually does. She is so slippery and enlarged there is no resistance at all. She feels so different being so slippery from his cum coating her inside and so wet from having two intense organisms. This feeling combined with how this evening has evolved has me so excited I can’t stop that feeling of my own cum demanding to make that wonderful journey from my balls and feeling it traveling through my dick to erupt from my cock into my beautiful wife as we make love all the while Adam is holding her hand and continuing to kiss and love on her. Wanting to continue fucking, but I can’t stop it and give up trying. I speed up and thrust as deep as I can and feel my cock pulsing as it erupts squirting a massive amount of my cum deep inside of her. I must have squirted a dozen times and finally can’t any more. I rest for just a few seconds, and then while my cock is still semi hard and so sensitive, I move it back and forth gently a little inside of her enjoying the wonderful feeling of her sloppy wet pussy that’s now so slippery and full with Adam’s and my cum that’s lining her inside as well as leaking from her pussy coating my cock with the love of all three of us. Finally, slipping out I collapse next to her, and just like Adam, I give her a loving kiss as she says, honey that was so wonderful, I love you. I take notice that Adam is now laying on his side pressed against Lynn with one hand touching her neck and the other holding her hip spooning up against her. It’s obvious his cock has fully recovered and he is again excited, hard and erect. Feeling his excited erect cock on her naked ass cheeks, Lynn reaches out to grasp him. Now it’s their turn to enjoy and savor the second round of slow gentle lovingly fucking as I slip off the bed to get three bottles of cold water from the fridge.



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