Crazy Weekend: 3/9 to 9/9/18

3/9 Woke at 10.30 - read Times - then worked through till around 5 and then had an early supper and chilled and start d to watch Series 2 of Osark. Did a favour for MsM to meet her new tenant and hand over keys to her apartment. Rita found her pashmina under the bed over that had lay in a heap for over 3 days - she thought she lost it! Then a little TV and bed early.

4/9 Good nights sleep and then another busy work day with a break at lunch for the gym. Rita went shopping and had an eye test and ordered a new pair of reading glasses. P came round early evening with steaks and we had a nice evening, had a little M and watched TV before he left at 10. Rita and I went to bed and cuddled under our “projected map of the heavens” on the ceiling and Rita was soon asleep though seemed to be troubled by her cough quite a bit.

5/9 Woke at 6. Read Times and worked through till 9.30 - then showered and headed out a 10 to pick up a car and head to Brackley for a meeting. It went very well and then got home mid afternoon and picked up Rita from Notting Hill with her shopping. More work on the tender with MrJ and then had a quiet early evening and then early bed and soon fell to sleep as I was very tired.

6/9 Woke at 7am and soon got stuck into tender documents as this was the last day. Took a break at lunch to go the gym and Rita was out at her youngest’s flat most of the day. Worked with my team and finished tender by 5.30. Then we had a chilled evening - and chatted and went to the bedroom and started to play. We fucked and water sported on the balcony and had a great time. After midnight she started chatting and wouldn’t stop and by 1.30am I said she had been chatting non stop and I was going to sleep. Rita wasn’t too keen on my statement and went into a huff. I soon fell asleep.

7/9 Woke at 8.30. Read Times and did emails and then went into lounge to make tea and take some calls so as not too wake Rita. During the last call Rita came in dressed as a schoolgirl and started to suck me off as I was starting to finish the call. Then we both went back to bed and fucked like rabbits till we both came. I felt very tired and so had a quiet day and snoozed a lot. We got ready and left home at 9pm to head to Laura and Gus’s party at an apartment in Mayfair. At the end there were some 15 couples at the party - about half we knew and had played with before. We started in one of the bedrooms with MandS ( who said they would be at the Venus Party tomorrow night), RandM and a couple from Manchester. The woman got naked and were given a lot of attention. It was cramped but I brought MsM to an orgasm with my tongue and rough attention to her clitoris which she loved and as soon as she came R immediately fucked her. MsS asked what on earth I had done to her to make her orgasm so quickly ..... Mmmmh! Rita and I who by then had been fucked by the guy from Manchester went to the larger bedroom upstairs where she sucked my cock hard and then sat on it while giving MrG a blowjob. Rita then stayed upstairs and was attended to there and I went downstairs and joined some of the partygoers outside where they smoked and I had some M. Upstairs Rita came down and joined some of the girls outside to chat and share a cigarette. I was feeling too tired to initiate any more activity and so chilled and chatted with some of the other guests taking a break. After Rita cane back we decided to leave and head to HH and so after we had found our clothes and said goodbyes we got a taxi at got to HH for 1am. Bumped into MsC and two friends - one MrA who took a real shine to Rita. We chatted and socialized and went down to the Vault at 2.30. Rita met and danced with a crazy girl with a good looking young Greek guy. She invited us back to their room. Rita thought to play and so she shed her clothes in a few seconds. The boyfriend was up for a room party but MsV obviously wasn’t. I went back down to the Vault with V as she wanted a last dance and tequila and I could pick up Rita’s coat and handbag. V said it was her first date with the guy and the hadn’t slept together yet! While we were away Rita said the guy got his cock out but it was so small nothing happened! We then eventually left and V tried to gather some hot girls and guys to come back to the room and then about 8 of us tried to get back into the main house but were refused access to the bedroom. Eventually one of the staff went to the room to get Rita and V got back to the room. The rest of the gang then tried to sort out a place for the after party but it was now nearly 5am. Rita was very tired and so we declined and headed home where after a little M we lay in bed and played with each other and fucked each other to sleep. What a night!

8/9 Didn’t wake till gone midday again but felt more rested than yesterday. Had a chill afternoon and then early evening got ready and taxied to the Seeking Venus party in SE1. Arrived at 9.30pm and as last time the event was on two floors the top and entrance was an area that contained the bar. 2 vendors selling sexy gear (bought Rita a sexy long flowing see through skirt) and one upmarket sex toys. Lots of seating and an area where soft games being organised and a photography area. Downstairs was the smoking area, disco, more lounge seating and a curtained off play area. After we got done drinks we sat down and chatted to an attractive redhead in her early 40’s called MsS. She said it was her first time to an event like this but not so sure as later we saw her half naked playing with a guy and girl in the middle of one the lounge areas! Met MrN and friends, played a couple of the games and sometime after midnight in the smoking area Rita shed the little she had on and N took some sexy photos (posted one in our profile photos). Met MsT and MsJ and later has a peek in the couple area but mainly couples playing with their partners. Anyway we decided to leave at 1.30 and head home and carry on the party . We had a wild sexy time and Rita’s arse got truly christened by me and she reciprocated with her strap on. We played and fucked and watched some crazy porno before sleeping around 6am

9/9 Didn’t wake till 1pm. We ordered a Thai meal straightaway and as it arrived about 40 mins later, PandI showed up with a view to paying for the marijuana I had got but they forgot to get the money from the cash point. Any way we had a chilled and very funny afternoon together and chatted on the balcony in the warm sunshine. They left around 7pm and then Rita and I had a little M and after a film headed to bed and made love and fucked till we fell asleep around 1am.


09-11-2018 by HOTCOUPLEDFW
Compared to London (or New York I guess), Dallas feels like a small provincial town. At 2am, everything shuts down and everyone goes home vs. going all night long in London. 
09-13-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE