Random Thoughts 1.2

The huntress enters the arena. A new conquest. No worries. It's time to slay him

She is dressed in her weapons of choice with nicely french manicured nails and lipstick.

In the arena, the ghosts of her prior conquests watch on. She is so ready

He enters slowly. Watching his prey move with ease. So battle hardened

He looks deeply in her eyes. a bad bitch? 7 of 10 or 10 of 10

As he moves closer. Circling and observing. His prior conquests watch on.

She busts the first move. She kisses him with gusto. Blow by Blow, he responds

Ding Dong. She wins the first round but he finds that a nice room in her head

He unleashes his tongue on her cunt. How many cocks have rammed it deep?

She doesn't even know. But that's the source of her power. let's get deep.m

Goosebumps start. Trembling ends. Cocky gets hard and stand ready for the mouth and hands

She breaks out the blow job of the year. The crowds roars and he likely won't last

His legs tremble. He rides the edge. The pleasure runs it's course of the body

So who wins ? The hunter or the huntress and an sex battle ranges on

Ding Dong. Saved by the bell. Another round starts. Team Hunter or Team Huntress


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