2/10 - 7/1018: Post Ibiza Week Partying

2/10 Woke after 8 to find I had no internet and so spent 30 mins trying to report it and resigned myself to not having it for the day. Instead watched a recording of the Russian F1 and then unpacked the suitcases. By then then the internet was back and started work. Sky came and installed a new Qbox. Rita went for a big shop. Quiet evening and started the new American Horror series before going to bed for 9.30. Rita slept almost immediately but I started to get indigestion for the second time in a week and the only common factor was rice! Read instead and dropped off after midnight. 3/10 Woke at 7.30, read Times and then made tea and started work. Worked through to lunch and then Rita and I went to gym. Back for a conference call at 2pm. Then a chill afternoon before we headed to RandM’s place for supper and a play party for 7pm. Had some snacks and drinks and chatted and caught up with what we had been doing since we last met. We are really comfortable with, and like this couple we have met a few times, and around 8.30 we headed to the bedroom where the two girls started to play with each other. Rita was pleasuring M with her fingers- it was very sexy. R and I were getting very horny and wasn’t long before Rita and R started to play. M and I started and I went down on her and thoroughly enjoyed licking her labia, tongue fucking her vagina and arse and nibbling her clitoris right up to the point of orgasm and then stopped. We then started to fuck with me kneeling around one of her thighs, with the other lifted up and put my finger in her vagina and fucked with both my cock and finger. Didn’t seem to last too long with a condom on (still tired from Ibiza!!) and so finished and brought M to orgasm with my thumb deep in her vagina and fucking with it furiously and rubbing her clitoris. She came intensely and we then had a “little rest”. We all headed back down to the lounge. We lay on the large sofa and soft played and later M lay between my legs and back on to my chest and with my hard cock pressing into her back and bottom, I played with her pussy with my fingers while we watched Rita, smoking, and sitting on R’s cock as he sat on the balcony. It was a great sexy, funny and lovely evening. We arranged for RandM to join us for dinner at Osh on Friday and then party at Home House. We left around 11.30 pm and headed home with a view to carry on partying but we were still a little tired from Ibiza and so ended up gently soft playing in bed cuddling and soon dropped asleep. 4/10 Woke before 9 and we fucked. Then I did some investing work and at lunch Rita and I headed to the gym. Quiet afternoon and then early evening we spent evening laughing and chatting and later got naked and while we had a sexy video of a lesbian massage Rita sucked by cock for about 25 mins. We then went to bed and fucked hard before again falling asleep around 2am. 5/10 Woke at 8. Rita very horny and stroked my cock till hard and then wanked it while she masturbated till she came. I then masturbated her clitoris and she came again. We then made love “properly”! Got tea and toast in bed for my efforts and then Elvare’d her face for 20 mins. (A new collagen enhancing device we are both using with some amazing results). Rita then got up and dressed as she was heading to her youngest’s flat for a couple of hours. She was back around 4 and later we got ready to head to Osh to have dinner with RandM. Osh used to be Nozumi years ago and we had a lovely Uzbek meal but the place is not just an ordinary restaurant in an expensive location though the prices are very reasonable. Hope it lasts. Around 10.30 we all took a taxi to Home House and started to drink and socialize. M was obviously tired and soldiered on and R wanted us to go back to their place to play but I suggested rightly that this was Rita’s party night and unlikely to do that. I also sensed M was too tired for a long play night. At 2pm we headed to The Vault and had a blast - make up chats with MsL and getting to know MsH - M’s girlfriend. Rand M left around 2.45am and we headed home at 3.30. There we got very high and had an intense and erotic anal and fuck session till we collapsed around 6am. 6/10 Didn’t come too till midday although Rita was already up. Chilled through the rest of the day and late evening we got ready for the ZDR Sin City fetish party at La Scala in Kings Cross. Took a cab to PandI for a drink at 10 before sharing a taxi to party around 11.30. Coat queue was long. Party had a good vibe - though too much R&B for our taste. Met old friends and had a great dance and left around 2.30am for home. There we carried on the party, with our usual mix, and then had the best night of sex we have had for a long time. We played with each other continuously and fucked each other. Fisted Rita - she was squirting like mad! We eventually stopped at 7am and fell fast asleep. 7/10 We both Woke around the same time at 1pm. Read a bit of the Times and then we got up. I tidied up the lounge and then watched the Japanese F1. We had late lunch. Then we watched “The Book Club” - what a great cast, witty and fun movie - we both loved it. Then watched another good film “The Dinner” before heading to bed and sleeping.


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