Hello: We have been a member here for sometime. Why do member on here, do not put there right age in. When you do a search for a age & you get 20's 30's & you are looking for 50's..60's. They  put in 69..80.. or what ever age number & you look at there picture...ya 

Plus... SDC...Put back the last time someone was on. Then you will know if they are active with there membership.

God that felt good to get it off my


10-11-2018 by FRANKIET
Of all the changes, the last time on is the one I think they screwed up the most by taking off.
If anything they should modify it to be a little more specific.
Days, weeks, months, and eventually over a year off times
10-11-2018 by CATCOUPLE1180
I agree, it makes searching for people in my age group a real pain. And the last on notice should come back