Hot Wife loves to dance

What A awsome night as I went out on the Dance floor feeling good.. Yes I love to dance, moving across the dance floor feeling like I own the floor!! As his Wife admires my Move in her pink mini skirt and sexy legs!! Placing my eyes straight up n down thinking Wow she is So Beautiful n Sexy, Thinking how i would love to lick her pussy out of her thongs. As I continue to dance n they (Wife n Hubby) Continue to sit, She got up n went to RestRoom!! I gave Hubby a One Love Hello kind of Signal and We started talking.. Told I was from Virgin Islands n the Conversation got very Cool!! As he offered me a Drink and Wifey came back!! He introduced me to his Beautiful Wife and As I greeted her Holding her hand while her body is Dancing n Moving I grab her shoulders n started swinging her hands!! Then Hubby Said it!! The Sweet Words, Y'all should dance She loves to dance!! And I could not help myself.. Michael Jackson PYT came on, And we both lit the floor on fire!! Hot Wifes sure know how to dance, And age don't matter!! As my face planted in her shoulder My hard Cock growing harder n harder by the third song im Thinking She must feel my hard Island cock pressing on that beautiful Ass!! As hubby give me the thunbs up I grabbed her waist She grabbed my hand And I grind n wine her Until She layed her head know back into my Shoulders!! How I would love to taste her Wet Pussy, But lol Unfortunately I did not!! But I had a great time and got to meet some beautiful People!! Yes we exchange numbers n hopefully we get to dance again!!! Mmmmmm Hot Wife xan surely Dance!! One love


10-15-2018 by WESTSIDESTORY
Nice story!