Picture collectors

During the past couple of months I have had a huge increase of couples asking me for additional photos and then radio silence. Even when its a one for one exchange, same nonsense. I now have decided to decline photo request until after we meet. My question is what is the thrill of erotic photos of strangers when there are tons of them on the internet?


10-10-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Guy, we always reject additional photo requests unless we first have met.  Why the request?  No fucking idea.
10-11-2018 by PARHAM
Worst ones are men who are gay pretending to be couples but once you set up a meeting the guy shows up saying his wife was not feeling well and starts flirting with you.
10-11-2018 by PADOC
Maybe the silence is indicative that they determined that you were not who/what they wanted.
10-11-2018 by MOUNTAINLOVE
I find there is an additional erotic thrill trading pictures with someone after emails are exchanged...quite beyond the limited thrill of seeing a random erotic picture on the net somewhere. Maybe because there's a connection that exceeds just seeing a stranger's picture?
10-12-2018 by CHANCESR
I can see the point of asking for extra photos if there is any type of build taking place.  Something to add up to a certain meeting. Heightening the intensity. However, if there is no indication of that happening then the best one can expect from us is g rated updates. After meeting and playing if there is anymore interest to continue it just adds to the eroticism. 

Yeah you can can look up any picture on the internet but real time does have a better appeal. 

Be be wary of those who don’t give any indication of meeting though. It will come out in conversation given time. 

Good luck though. 
10-14-2018 by YORKSCOUPLE25
He in the UK the main swinging site is infested with picture collecting charlatans. It’s usually sad and creepy married men or single guys both of who have set up fake profiles pretending to be couples or single females. 99 of the time they are wanting photos (obviously to wank to) of our female not the male and we soon expose their deception by asking for a female to female phone calll to show everyone is genuine. They soon piss off to try it on with somebody else.
10-14-2018 by MISCHIEF4US
It does seem to be a thing for a lot of people, but not for us. We have sexy non face photos on our profile, and we'll send a G rated face photo in a message, but that's it. If that's not enough to bring about a meeting for dinner, we'll move on.