Sexual appetite

What are natural methods to increase libido?


10-07-2018 by WILLCOOL
10-07-2018 by TRINICPLE
10-07-2018 by MOUNTAINLOVE
Less alcohol. Exercise. Eating fresh, healthy food. OTC pills don't work. Bio-identical hormone pellets work extremely well!
10-07-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
10-07-2018 by SHARELION711
For us? Eat natural foods. Avoid processing. Exercise and live an active lifestyle. Participate in a natural world. Love each other. 
10-08-2018 by KATIENBILL
......just the right amount of good wine, good food (minimal carbs), regular exercise, plenty of photos and, of course, a good night’s sleep! 
Ps. Nice tits help, but that may be too much of number one speaking, hic!
10-08-2018 by KITTENWOLF
Green, leafy food, yoga (seriously), good quality alcohol in small amounts and the right company
10-08-2018 by CLAUDIABEHAVIN
Jade Egg, Breathwork, Movement and sounding... for more information, contact me.
10-08-2018 by ATXPHOTOG
I fall into the "all natural" camp and can say with certainty that eating actual, non-processed foods, exercise (even moderate movement - like brisk walking), reducing stress (meditation, yoga, etc.) , having close friends or a community, loving and appreciating people without judgement and tuning into nature can help you to function properly as a human. Your libido will be there for you naturally.

All good responses from folks here. I'm 59 and have practiced this pattern since I was a teenager and am very grateful that I have excellent physical health and no illnesses of any sort in over 20 years. I don't use any medication of any sort, as well.

Having gratitude and saying thank you can help you to release the stress (and anger) that some of us habitually hang on to. I'm no different and am working on the best flawed version of myself each day. Good health is available to everyone - yes, even you - naturally as you were intended to without pharmaceuticals or biohacks. 

Be well, 
Go vegan.

Consumption of meat, dairy and/or eggs are leading causes of impotence, that's sound scientific fact not merely my personal opinion.  Male typing but the lady is vegan as well.  Carbs are the staple of life, so we don't limit them.  Before anyone chimes in about protein, compare my physique to the majority of men in their mid-forties around here.  Case closed on that.

What you put into your body greatly impacts other important factors as to your sexual appetite : exercise and rest.  My gains are ridiculously accelerated at 45 vs in my twenties as a vegetarian.  If I fall out of training, I now snap back in the 30 day range. That's 2-3 times faster than what I regularly experienced twenty years ago.  Resistance training is secondary to cardio.  Like some I have serious injuries that greatly affect such a pursuit, including a knee demanding surgery.   A quality stationary bike is a godsend/no impact.

Where I fail miserably is rest.  I work doctor's hours and average only about four hours sleep a night, often less.  Getting 6+ hours sleep will recharge me for days.   I will be relocating in the near future in an effort to get more rest.  Sleep should be a priority that busy lifestyles don't lend anywhere near enough importance to. 

Stress has a massive impact on sexual appetite for many.   Proven (not cultural...) healthy eating habits and a consistent solid exercise regimen when combined with a minimum of six hours sleep per night will get your sexual appetite burning strong.  Good luck. 
10-10-2018 by ATXPHOTOG
None of my comments are meant to be taken as medical advice, and I do understand that the question was about "natural methods to increase libido," but Porcelainfeathr makes a strong case for a Vegan diet as an option. You just need to do your research and understand that you're switching to plant based proteins rather then meat proteins.

I have a close lady friend who has been Vegan for over 20 years with no ill effects and she looks healthy (not malnourished) and she says she feels healthy. 

My diet is mostly vegetarian, but do include free-range chicken and wild caught fish for my protein in moderation. That works fine for my body chemistry. 

Like Porcelainfeathr, I, too, suffer from running on too few hours of sleep and almost have too much energy for a man my age. It's hard for me to wind down sometimes even after a typical 12 hour work day. 

If you have serious concerns about low libido, of course, you can always talk to your doctor to make sure your body is functioning well and discuss diet options.

I say that because my doctor was concerned about my high cholesterol level (220) for many years and ordered a "coronary calcium score" to check my plaque buildup. 

The procedure is done at a Radiological facility and a CT scan is done. Literally only a 30 second X-ray of the heart. The next day my doctor received the results and I scored a zero. Yes, zero. I had no plaque buildup in my arteries.

He was surprised and told him all my relatives have high cholesterol but no one has had heart disease. He told me to continue with my usual diet and exercise because there's nothing wrong with me. 

I'm glad my doctor had some concern and I'm passing on my thoughts for you, CAP2017, to talk to your doctor and get a physical to make sure you're functioning as normal and go from there. 

Much success on your goal of increasing your libido, and thank you Porcelainfeathr for your excellent comments. You and your lady make a fine looking, healthy couple. 

Be well ~ Jack

10-11-2018 by TOMBUCKET

Cannabis, more specifically, the blue dream strain.

10-20-2018 by CLLVSD
This may fall in a gray area, as it's a medical method...but it is considered more identical hormones.  I get pellets every 2-3 months.  It's time released with Estrogen and Testosterone.  It not only helps with libidio (and like how!), but also I have energy and my brain isn't in a fog.

Email me if you have questions.  I've been on this for almost six years. Best thing I have ever done in my life...and hubby isn't sad about it : )  Sandy