Toronto - wanting to swing sun eve & mon eve

Hi, We are in Toronto on Sunday 2 December and Monday 3 December - where should we go to swing? We have seen several clubs which are only open Friday’s and Saturdays - but no clues for Sunday evenings and Monday evenings. Does anyone have any advice for clubs or even contact websites / apps we should use ? Thanks H3rAndHim xx


10-10-2018 by MATTNAT
Club M4 is open 7 nights a week and has parties in the afternoons on the Saturday and Sunday. They also have some weekday afternoon parties as well. Check their website. 
M4 is is definitely our favorite club because of the welcoming atmosphere and people that attend.

2nd Option is the Oasis Club. Open every day, has a nice heated pool but is a little pricey and not always as busy.

Enjoy you visit to Toronto.