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Searching For New Friendship

I am 69 years old and I can travel or hosthostDrop me a line ifanyone is interested in meeting me or wants more information.   I am 69 years old and I hope to meet new friends.... read more


... read more

Mykonos fino al 7 giugno

siamo a Mykonos fino al 7 giugno. cerchiamo coppie e singoli con cui poter trasgredire in questa vacanza... read more

campaña de verano

Hola a todos y todas, hemos decido colgar este blog para informarles de que hemos puesto desde ayer, la nueva campaña de verano. Para todas aquellas parejas que quieran aprovechar este descuento durante los meses de junio, julio y agosto.Besos... read more

US Virgin Island question

I am considering buying a bar/restaurant in the US Virgin Islands, but before I get to serious I was wondering if anyone goes there often.  I really don't want to get stuck on a rock that is not lifestyle friendly and never meet new friends. I know it is beautiful and would be a wonderful retiremen... read more

Te koop: twee kaarten B.I.T.C.H

te koop twee kaarten voor B.I.T.C.H 04-02-2017Het zijn hardcopy kaarten. ... read more


idk really know how to use this websiteUghhh help me please!!... read more


idk really know how to use this websiteUghhh help me please!!... read more

Swinger Clubs

Any swinger clubs, lifestyle resorts in Puerto Rico? Please let us know... read more

From Amsterdam to UAE

Hi, anyone here traveling between Amsterdam and Dubai or the UAE? Thanks to let us know. Cheers 🥂 ... read more

Laidar - i dont think most people want this feature on SDC

Have you checked out the Laider function under the explore tab? It seems to use your IP address to put you on a map. In my case it put me within a block of my home. I do not mind posting the cirty we are in, I know many people dont even want to do that. Should I be concerned about this feature and... read more

Help planning a fantasy

We’ve all been there. You have a fantasy and you work to make it a reality and it kind of...fails to meet expectations. That sucks. Well, kitten and I have one we’ve been discussing for some time: a relaxed and semi spontaneous gangbang. Essentially, she’d like to be in a setting with a group... read more

fahd jordan amman

hi  all iam  fahd amman jordan if you like me call me 00962788471888  any lady or couple want enjoy with me  in jordan you can send message or call me ... read more

Random Friend Requests

Why would anyone sent you a “Friend Request” if havent event chatted before? It doesnt matter how “Friendly” you are, it doesnt make any sense. Sent a nice email, click like or just visit the page in question but dont just friend anyone without meeting before. Some couples are more strict th... read more

New version problem maybe?

When we click on a profile, it say "this member only wants to be viewed by members with profile pics" or something to that effect ….. BUT we have profile pics ?????  Anyone else experiencing this problem??    Can you see out profile pics ???   Thanks!!!!! ... read more


Series of ads with the not so hidden message about "swinging".  Very funny, now Dr. Ruthis in their ads talking about "positions".  Hope the link works this time:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hvPj7Uu2Ew... read more

Nice Party Weekend: 5/11 to 11/11/18

5/11 Monday and another bad night- stomach very bloated/ tight. Worked and early afternoon went for a walk with Rita to buy some stuff and go to chemist’s. Quiet afternoon and we both headed to bed around 9 to watch again War of the Roses but we both gave up and fell asleep. 6/11 Another d... read more

Decadence Ball: NYE 2019 is your perfect match if you were looking to ring in 2019 with a bang!

Decadence Ball: NYE 2019 is your perfect match if you were looking to ring in 2019 with a bang! Our gorgeous new UNI-HOSTESS, Kate Michaels from Darkroom Photography (DARKROOMPHOTO), will be will be on site for this hotel takeover weekend beginning on the Saturday preceding, all the way up until Ne... read more

A Happy Single Guy

I have been in the lifestyle for many years. I have always played the role of a single guy with the exception of the very first experience. That was a funny story in itself and I will cover that in a later post. First, what does it really take for a single girl or couple to trust you? What d... read more

village naturiste port nature

looking for accommodation in port nature colline 2 , 3 or 4 in upper floors during july 12, 2019 to july 23, 2019.  please let me know the full cost and send me pictures of property.  stayed in port nature 608 this year.... read more