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Will be in Dubai next week.... Any opinions and suggestions.... read more

Why are single guys soòoo UNRELIABLE.

We`ve been in NYC for a week having taken the time to arrange dates, drinks and dinners and what do we find. No shows, missing from What`s App etc etc. I swear it isn`t us, nobody could be easier going or more attractive than Mrs Mary. Ho hum........what is wrong with these people. A simple `no than... read more

Single man at Caliente

We were heading to Caliente this evening for the weekend and had a single guy was going to meet us. And called us and said they wouldn`t let him in anymore. does anyone know what brought this about? When I called and asked the front office,they said they didn`t know why they change the rules. &n... read more

RV swinger parties

Show of hands how many of you also enjoy RVing? Where are great swing friendly places to stay in Florida?... read more

secrets hideaway orlando

Hi After a very bad week at the rooftop resort,we are looking for another swingers resort in florida. Has anyone been here .How is the pool and rooms. does it have a hedo vibe. hows the club and food. thanks... read more


can anyone tell us what the BMFC nights at arousals are like we have not been for a few years and are thinking of going in December... read more

Del Mar

Hi in Del Mar for a few days travel or host ... read more

stated age in listings

I expect and accept some discrepancy between stated age  and pictures and actual age once meeting in person. I offer to all people skype call that I call `show and tell call`. Nothing to hide, see everything one has interest in. What really irks me when people state age 100 or even higher. What was... read more

which usually have a better result , the wife pick or the hubby pick

does a wife/gf prefer to pick their lover or is it better to have their hubby/bf to recommend a loveri had a recent related experience , was dating a girl who was greedy :) she loved being fucked as long as she was awake i cant say we were swinging since all our experience was mainly MFM &nbsp3... read more


Wanting to take a trip to greenville sc or charleston sc. any one know about any swingers clubs in either place and name of places... read more

Charleston trip

Looking for swingers club in charleston for this upcoming weekend. &nbspAnyone around that knows about anything going on please reply... read more

Guys approached by Couples in a regular Bar

Have any guys ever been approached by a couple at a regular bar? We have been trying this out lately and have mixed success. Figure that it just depends on the place and the right guy. What do the guys think if this happens? Any ideas on how a couple should approach a guy?... read more


Sexyy people of CANADA,swingers, straights and bisexualsOn Saturday, October 29th, 2016, inside the lavishly appointed St-James Theatre in old Montreal, Monde Osé welcomes you to a provocative Halloween Ball themed POP. POP-ART INSTALLATIONS +LIVE ART on beautiful nude bodies+TANTALIZING VIDEO PROJ... read more

The Craigslist ad

“This ad is for a woman interested in a relationship with two straight men aged 36/44, who are single and housesharing, solvent and working. It’s a sort of wifey/sextoy role with emphasis on company and camaraderie. It’s perfect for someone with very strong sex drive. She would be ready to liv... read more

Vanilla sites

I wonder if anyone has had any success with meetings through&nbspvanilla site?... read more


off to San Antonio for the weekend, anyone want to meet? see what comes up?... read more

Sweden Karlstad

We will take a trip on saturday &nbspand we want to here from people close to Örebro Västerås and around... read more

Random BBC pick up in Dallas area

What are some of the best bars/ clubs &nbspto pick up a random BBC for good times... read more

Deenies Hideaway

Guess we`re out of the loop. &nbspHaven`t been members for awhile but was going to join today .... till I went to the website and saw that they`re closing in a few weeks : (... read more

Looking for fun in cleveland

If any couples are in cle area this weekend we have a suite at the ritz(attached to the casino) three couples attending as of now for full open orgy. If interested let us know!!!... read more