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Couples` Evolving Expectations in the Swinger Lifestyle

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/08/couples-evolving-expectations-in.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @astridswings or @swingerdiary---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Soft Swap vs. Full SwapSome couples start off with ... read more

Wild Party in Perugia: 25/8 to 30/8/16

25/8 Woke at 8 and skimmed Times and then showered and left the flat at 9.15 to drive to Greenford to visit a client. Good meeting and home. It was another stifling, humid day and the flat very warm. Rita popped out shopping and came back drenched and with a new suitcase that we needed to pack MrsA`... read more

Single in the Lifestyle Survey

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/08/single-in-swinger-lifestyle-survey.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @astridswings or @swingerdiaryClaire and I created this survey for single males and females in the Lifestyle. The survey covers topics such as stereotypes about singles i... read more

Swinger friendly hotels in Dallas area

Looking to have a small party for a few cpls and BBC males &nbspand need to see if anyone can suggest a swinger friendly hotel? &nbspWe have done several small get togethers in other hotels without problems but not with 12 or so people.... read more

What is this  

What the heck is this &ampnbsp and why is it in so many blogs.......Some kind of code ... read more

The Photo Shoot

Erotic story #5: Photo shoot                                                                   1/5/05   Photo Shoot by: J.T.   I love to photograph my wife. She has a model’s body, long and lean with firm and perfect tits.   For my birthday ... read more

The Swinging Paradigm

The Swinging Paradigm ©JM 2016   The Swinging Lifestyle is as diverse as there are species on this earth. Attitudes, cultures and expectations vary from one end of the spectrum to the other. While recognising this fact and accepting it, and after years of experience in ... read more


Please let us know, which swinger club is ok for first time sw. club experience in Germany? ... read more

Which Desire?!

Trying to decide between Desire Pearl or DM?We usually go to Temptations and like the party atmosphere, but since they are closed, have to look elsewhere. &nbspWould appreciate any feedback!  ... read more

October Cruise

Will be doing 11 day cruise beginning on Oct 27 leaving from Fort Lauderdale on Royal Princess (Princess Cruise Line) .   Let us know if you will be there. &nbspWe would love to have the opportunity to meet you (M, F, or MF) for &nbspa getting to know you cocktail early in the cruise if you... read more

Swing clubs, singles and aggressive people.

It`s been over 4 years since I have been to a swingers club... This pass Friday there was a party posted, &nbspI thought would be cool to attend.... What a very bad mistake !!!IMO the party was a bust!! &nbspSeveral people (couples )signed up but, only a few persons where in attendance !! Th... read more

new experiences

we will be in Cyprus 2nd week of Sept and looking &nbspfor some men to fuck my wife. Also couples with bi curious wife would be welcome... read more

Vacation in los Angeles....

We are on Sept. 16 in Los Angeles and would like to visit the SwingerClub Joi. Which Nice pair would like to meet with us and experience a hot, horny night, night?... read more

New pet peeve about couples pics

Ok. A `couple` with a nice profile emails us expressing interest,. They have no face pics on line which we totally get,. So we ask `face pics available?` We get `yes here is password` or `here is email` or `here is text number``. All totally acceptable means of transmitting face pics. &nbspWhat ... read more

What an interesting week! 16/8 to 25/8

16/8 Woke and took a conference call demo with a prospective client and then popped out to the dentist. Transpires I need a partial crown but the next appointment was in 3 weeks and so will have to put up with the hole in my tooth till then. Bought some flowers and later that evening Rita and I had ... read more

New Profiles / Where are the validations?

So the new profiles display lists the number of friends - Am I missing something, but I don`t see validations as clear as I had before ?!... read more

The Traveling Swinger: Hedo 2, 3 and Young Swinger’s Week, Negril, Jamaica

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-traveling-swinger-hedo-2-3-and.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @astridswings or @swingerdiary--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Resort Tagline: “Your Pleasure is Ou... read more

Are swingers the next group ripe for discrimination?

We had our swingers club in Greenwich shut down for operating without a business license. As a private organization, the club was not breaking any rules, but because it accepted donations, the Licensing&nbspDepartment of the Royal Borough of Greenwich was arguing that ... read more

Harrison`s Wine Bar- Dania/Ft Lauderdale

Hey Guys,After an awesome but unexpected full swap at a B&ampB in Key West a couple of years ago, my wife is finally ready to ease into the life style. We`ve gone from the fantasy stage and actually creating opportunities to experience more swaps. We`re discussing what we both want and don`t wan... read more

My bondage scene

`D` had big plans for the evening. While others were at the baseball game, family dinners or watching SNL, he had cooked up something more erotic - and memorable. He had prepared a bondage scenario designed with my pleasure in mind.   The outfit I would wear was pul... read more