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Searching For New Friendship

I am 69 years old and I can travel or hosthostDrop me a line ifanyone is interested in meeting me or wants more information.   I am 69 years old and I hope to meet new friends.... read more

Tantra and couples

Tantra for couples is the most oldest way of improving relationship of couples love life in marriage or otherwise.3000 Year old Indian Tantra techniques used by the Tantric experts for the pleasure of the king an the queen to make them feel great orgasms resulted in anti ageing and movement of the... read more


... read more

Mykonos fino al 7 giugno

siamo a Mykonos fino al 7 giugno. cerchiamo coppie e singoli con cui poter trasgredire in questa vacanza... read more

campaña de verano

Hola a todos y todas, hemos decido colgar este blog para informarles de que hemos puesto desde ayer, la nueva campaña de verano. Para todas aquellas parejas que quieran aprovechar este descuento durante los meses de junio, julio y agosto.Besos... read more

US Virgin Island question

I am considering buying a bar/restaurant in the US Virgin Islands, but before I get to serious I was wondering if anyone goes there often.  I really don't want to get stuck on a rock that is not lifestyle friendly and never meet new friends. I know it is beautiful and would be a wonderful retiremen... read more

Te koop: twee kaarten B.I.T.C.H

te koop twee kaarten voor B.I.T.C.H 04-02-2017Het zijn hardcopy kaarten. ... read more


idk really know how to use this websiteUghhh help me please!!... read more


idk really know how to use this websiteUghhh help me please!!... read more

How far would you go?

How far would you drive, not fly, to meet with someone?  Just a question that popped into mind.... read more

Liquid V for Men

I think the fact that the use of condoms often kills the moment for long lasting fantastic sex is well agreed upon.A guy recommended to me (Kristi) that he has had good luck with putting Liquid V for Men INSIDE his condom before putting it on for sex.  He says that it gives him increased sensat... read more

Groups and Parties

Does anyone know any facebook groups for the swinging lifestyle or any house parties coming up in Dallas?... read more


I'm a 30 year old single hung male looking to hang out with any couples or females in Dallas.. My kik is zkamdar.... read more

For all the Single Sexy Men

All of us in this lifestyle are likely fully aware that single men can have some challenges when wanting to meet up with couples or single women. So guys, If you're angry that single men don't get a break, you need to wonder. Or, why do some single men on the site have a ridiculous amount of validat... read more

Muchen, Belin and/or Prague

Hello everyone. We are traveling to all 3 places in the next few weeks. Are there any clubs or advice about Europe. All is very welcome. Thanks in advance. ... read more

Lessons learned from last weekend S1 E14

Pool party Forecast was thunderstorms on Saturday, and we had played on Friday night at home, so we were wondering whether we should go to that pool party or rest. But the party was organized by this great couple that we love so we decided to go. Lesson #1: nothing like a little afternoon nap to ge... read more

Vegas Sept 20 th

We posted our info about being in Vegas Sept 20th to the 25 th. But it seems no one else is interested. It would be fun to meet a nice couple there while we're at Caesars. Why is it that we get looked at and then no one responds? Our photos are recent ,so am I too old and is she too young ??? Whats ... read more

Searching for a photo

Hoping someone can help me out here...Was browsing profiles and saw a photo of a lady in lingerie with a bottle of champagne in one hand and handcuffs in another.... I'm trying to find it or one similar. Arranging a photo shoot and the style of this photo was just HOT!They would have been in the Tex... read more

Poll testing

...... read more

Houses for a private party

Hello all,Does anyone know of any house or facility that may be available for rent to throw a swingers party?? Ideally medium to large size with the usual facilities required for the purpose ( showers, beds,...). Location : Tampa/ Lakeland/ Orlando or other Central Florida location.Thank you all,CHX... read more