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Mon/Tues in Atlanta

Are there any chill spots in atlanta to go and hang with others in the LS on a mon/Tuesday night... read more

Best Club worldwide?

&nbspWhat is your favorite lifestyle club you have visited anywhere in the world and why? Looking to maybe try some clubs in Europe next month.... read more

Rule on website ?

Is there any rule on this website ? What can I do and what I cannot ? Tell me what you hate from others (approach, type of messages, picture...). What its special on this site ? What are the general rules ? (I know I`m new sorry for this post). ... read more


We live in Miami and were interested in lifestyle vacation options for the Memorial Day weekend.  Thanks in advance!... read more

Miami Fort Lauderdal area

What are some fun vanilla activities in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area? We`ve enjoyed Trapeze club and Haulover beach, but trying to find new spots.... read more

Acting separately

We have acted in the past separately on several occasions and have told each during our mutual sex act all details of our escapades heightening even more our sexual tension. As such we have decided to do that on a much more regular basis.We would like to hear from couples who enjoy same ... read more

Voyeur Cam

I`m struggling to get voyeur cam to work...When I log in there`s never anything being shown. Anyone have ideas to help? Thanks.... read more

A Certain Kind of fun....

We are wondering how to approach this. Our lady wants to be in the room, tied tightly to a chair...and watch whilst her man an another use and have fun with another lady...she wants to be made jealous but then let lose,,,whats the best way to approach this?... read more

Music Playlist for Playing?

This is inspired by poor music from one of those `radio stations` on Google Music last night. &nbspVery annoying to have lousy songs (not to mention commercials) come on and not wanting to stop to change it. &nbspSo, any thoughts on what should be on our own personal play playlist? &nbsp... read more

Best vegas clubs

Can anyone give me their opinion of the best las vegas swingers clubs today. When I was their years ago green door and rooster were the hot spots I heard. In researching for my upcoming trip I see several new clubs have opened... read more

How do you hookup couples?

HelloI`m really curious to know what do you do to hook up with other couples? Do you go to them and ask or you let it come from the other couple ?Many couples we endup talking forever for nothing.Kisses to all... read more

Best Clubs in Randstad

We are a couple living The Hague that visited many times Fun4two and a few times Fata, but besides these two clubs we don`t have any idea where to go.What are the best clubs for a couple mainly interested to play with other couples (ages from 30 to 50) in Randstad area? ... read more

Red Dress

A red dress rolled up while juicy lips are ready, waiting for the thrust Long manicured hands, stimulate, while head and eyes roll back in pleasure Labia is spread wide as I am riding west getting that deep rhythm right Television runs, no one watches as we make our own sexy sitcom As both par... read more

Sensual Massage Party and Vacuum Bed Soirée: 8/5 Ro 15/5/17

8/5 couldn`t believe it - We woke at 11.30am! Got up and got stuck into work emails straight away. Worked through remainder of the day and early evening Rita and I watched a really scary horror called The Hallow. After we started a naughty night and wasn`t long before we were naked and making love a... read more

Musings - Meeting your match

The huntress enters the arena. A new conquest. No worries. It`s time to slay himShe is dressed in her weapons of choice with nicely french manicured nails and lipstick. In the arena, the ghosts of her prior conquests watch on. She is so ready He enters slowly. Watching his prey move wit... read more

Musings -- Pale Rider

Pale Rider Sexy Pale Rider comes into town, slender and sexy with an angular jaw line So the rider is a lightweight, he orders his favorite spring drink Her body reveals, a life of exercise and self-discipline His focus is the mind, her deep life story will always draw men in... read more

51: Just Hanging Out

Play SinD, Reverend Jon, Bill and Alice hang out together in this post-action debrief bedcast.  It was Alice's first visit to a BDSM dungeon (we took her to "Dragon's Gate" in Los Angeles), where she got tied up and suspended, and had all sorts of things done to her.    We give our updates and... read more


Hi,We are going to Florence next week and we were planning to visit The New Gamer Club however, there is very little reviews on internet on them and also they do not reply to our messages. Have anyone been there and could advise if this is a good club? Or maybe you know a b... read more


Hi there ! I`m here looking to hook up with other men to have my wife who I watch! Big fantasy of mine ,she does know about it but is very shy so I have come up with an idea to surprise her, I`m looking for someone who will meet us when we go to car park for sex! This will come as a surprise and wil... read more

A fun blog...like old swingers talk

So I hire a personal trainer...best in the gym at getting the core to fire and undo 35 years of bicycle racing...she is of course fit...so what...so tonight she shows up in yoga pants and my infernal always in overdrive sex drive kicks in...any advice on how to turn the damn thing off?? 😆😆😆... read more