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Another blog about bi guys? Ugh.

So, I`ve noticed more bi/ultra kinky guys posting in blogs and their profiles pop up more and more too.  Is this a result of the lifestyle becoming more accepting of bisexuality in men?  It`s not our thing.  It would turn me off to see Mr with another guy and he wouldn`t want to be, so we match i... read more

I love tasting a couple

How about if you drool down his cock .. and lick just a little.. which excites me and I catch your string of wetness as it mixes with his pre cum and taste it too.. then continuing on to lick it with you.. and he takes it all in.. two mouths making his cock feel soooo good you and I get his cock com... read more

Back from Sri Lanka - the parties continue: 16/2 to 22/2

16/2 Landed at 6.30am and were in Etihad chauffeur car and leaving Heathrow at 7.10. Cool murky day in London - what a contrast. Rita not well again but will suggest another time to her that on long hauls she needs to cut the amount the eats and drinks by 50 - which would help! home by 8.30 and we u... read more


Just wanted to share a tip for new folks coming into the LS....If you don`t wish to state your REAL age, Just choose 99yrs old like everyone else does. Lying about your age only makes you look foolish if you get caught and discredits you. We`re all here for the same reason.. Just be authentic and ha... read more

Friday nights in Fort Lauderdale

Looking for some places to go have a nice drink and dance the night away for the 30 aged crowd, booty music is a must, anyone have any suggestions? ... read more

Excel Hotel Tuesday 27 th February

HiWe have a otel next tuesday and we are looking fro some fun. Will be at excell during day...... read more

Swing clubs Santa Barbara CA

Any swing clubs or bars at Santa Barbara-CA that you recommend?... read more


We are looking for a swing, couch or some cool comfortable and unusual way for her to get fucked from behind, preferably while she is suspended. &nbspAny thoughts? Experiences, know of any equipment?????? &nbspSaw something on the internet some time back, but cannot find it again, some neat ... read more

Paris, France

We leave for Paris soon and was wondering if anyone had any lifestyle recommendations. &nbspMrs JLS already has our days planned with museums and tours, and she`s &nbspleft it me to handle our nightly entertainment. If it helps we`ll be there a Thursday to a Monday. In French/Français:Nous... read more

35: Fetish & Fantasy 2: Journey to the Dark Side

Play Just like last year, we hit Vegas like rockstars   First there were a bunch of spectacular swinger parties, then  we spent the night on stage flogging and spanking the most We welcome our newest member “Victoria Secret” from across the pond, who we just lured to the dark side. There... read more

32: Swinging in the Dust: Burning man

Play The "Bliss Bus" settles on the playa at Burning Man, and we record our experiences: Dust, danger ("safety third!") at the "thunder dome", fun at the orgy dome, standing in line in the rain. But first: Reverent Jon takes "playa confessions" and a BDSM 101 course on the desert with plenty of vo... read more


Playroom for the curious Stepped into the hostess home, ambiance was inviting, sensual. Whilst I changed into something more comfortable and sexy, I hear the murmurs of strangers meeting each other for the first time. I step out amongst the people, immediately I feel eyes on me, inwardly blushing I ... read more


Hi, go in Copenhagen . Anyone know in Copenhagen &nbspclub or where to go out and spend nice time ?... read more

Last Beautiful Week in Sri Lanka: 11/2 to 15/2

11/2 We woke up at 7.30am and Rita was very stiff from her experience with surfing and so postponed the lesson this morning. She came back and we cuddled and I got an erection very quickly and so we started to fuck. We the moved on to the balcony and fucked in a variety of position before ending on ... read more

Demos and Workshops in Jax

At ClubKinkJax we learn and participate with all sorts of Presenters! Socilaize and Meet up...Every Weekend something is happening!... read more

Sexy Raft Up

Anyone know a good boat up near Jupiter/Juno/Tequesta FL? &nbspLooking for a fun daytime place to hang out in a sexy atmosphere..... read more

i didn`t know he was at home

well.. this is whats happened to me one time when I was at hubby sister`s home.  We got invited to her bday paty,we drank and dance all night,we had soo much fun... in the next day we all wake around 3pm everybody hangover after all that alcohol and dance ..... so at 7pm they decided to go out for ... read more

Went for the Shemale thing today

WowI have been curious but found it very exciting. Call me what u want but I really enjoyed myself... read more


Anyone going to Hedonism early March? &nbspIf so it would be great to hear from you all... read more


Does anyone have any recent visit experiences to menages club in nashville. I used to attend tsc years ago before they closed and have not been to menages in at least 5 years. Anyone been to their weds. Gangbang parties what kind and size of crowd..?... read more