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Searching For New Friendship

I am 69 years old and I can travel or hosthostDrop me a line ifanyone is interested in meeting me or wants more information.   I am 69 years old and I hope to meet new friends.... read more

Tantra and couples

Tantra for couples is the most oldest way of improving relationship of couples love life in marriage or otherwise.3000 Year old Indian Tantra techniques used by the Tantric experts for the pleasure of the king an the queen to make them feel great orgasms resulted in anti ageing and movement of the... read more


... read more

Mykonos fino al 7 giugno

siamo a Mykonos fino al 7 giugno. cerchiamo coppie e singoli con cui poter trasgredire in questa vacanza... read more

campaña de verano

Hola a todos y todas, hemos decido colgar este blog para informarles de que hemos puesto desde ayer, la nueva campaña de verano. Para todas aquellas parejas que quieran aprovechar este descuento durante los meses de junio, julio y agosto.Besos... read more

US Virgin Island question

I am considering buying a bar/restaurant in the US Virgin Islands, but before I get to serious I was wondering if anyone goes there often.  I really don't want to get stuck on a rock that is not lifestyle friendly and never meet new friends. I know it is beautiful and would be a wonderful retiremen... read more

Te koop: twee kaarten B.I.T.C.H

te koop twee kaarten voor B.I.T.C.H 04-02-2017Het zijn hardcopy kaarten. ... read more


idk really know how to use this websiteUghhh help me please!!... read more


idk really know how to use this websiteUghhh help me please!!... read more

Profile essays WTF?

In the past there 5 or so sections for profile essays. Description, what are you looking for, fantasies, other info, etc.Now it appears there are only two sections? It seems all our essays are still there as written, but now each section is mixed in order and all thrown together in the second e... read more

Member services

Has the member services been deleted. In the past we found a real estate, painter, and auto repair. Dose not seem to be here any more ???... read more

Lighten up...

We found one!  ... read more

Home Party

we always have great parties. In which because of it a huge amount of people want to come to the party. In which we have to draw the line at some point. So today I get this  Quote from MrandMrs bla bla bla " Evidently you prefer pigs and old dicks with guts hanging out over a hot kinky cou... read more

Squirting at clubs

We are a couple that only shares the wife so when we go clubs we make sure there its on nights that they have singles, We recently went to one of the local clubs and once the guys found out the the Mrs. squirts this is all they wanted to do, It came to point to a point in middle of the night when sh... read more

What makes you a BBC, BWC, BHC, etc?

First and foremost I just want to emphasize that I do not like these acronyms at all. I hate labels and it bothers me to see people refer to someone as an “object” rather than an actual human being who might be well endowed. But given the fact that many people refer to themselves as this or are ... read more

Stop the Madness!

I think enough is enough of the banter back and forth between certain singles and couples who post blogs. CLEARLY some of you are blocked for writing on others blogs. Maybe it was warranted maybe it wasn’t. I could care less. I totally understand blogs are for people to read and comment on. Whethe... read more

Speaking Of Thin Skin AND Short Fuses...

There you go, proving my point!!  Thanks guys, your response is appreciated.  Why did it take so long? ... read more

Speaking of `Thin Skin`

... read more

Speaking Of Blocking.......

Time for the quarterly check "who blocked me" list. Everyone should try this, you likely will be amazed at those you never met, with whom you never connected or communicated, have blocked you.Some people just have short fuses and/or thin skin. So go to the left column, clic "connect", then "contac... read more

Power of the `BLOCK` Button

Reading through blogs, I've realized most of the questions regarding things that are irritating or even infuriating can be solved with a simple press of the "block" button. It solves so many dilemmas and prevents unwarranted stress. Harassment, unwanted emails, unwanted view of your profile, unwante... read more