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Wondering if any SDCers rent out rooms in their home on Airbnb? If so would you share that fact in your SDC profile or other ways on the site or other swinging site?... read more

Rent Apartement Cap D`agde

Hello. We have marked holidays for 04-08-18 until 11-08-18 and we want to go to Cap D'agde but we do not have an apartment.  If someone quits / cancels talk to us and we can stay with the apartment. Thank youT & BALUGAR APARTAMENTO.Ola.Temos ferias marcadas para 04-08-18 ate 11-08-18 e... read more

SDC basic communication Etiquette

Here are my $.02 about how to best start communicating on SDC to minimize wasted time and increase your chances of meeting people.The underlying principle of all that follows is: don’t waste anybody’s time. Be respectful and considerate.1. Likes: use them to indicate you would like to start talk... read more

Today’s Encounter

When you get home look in the mirror and see the indescribably sexy man that finger-fucked me until my limbs went numb an hour ago.My plan was to make that man feel better on a lousy day. But he managed, once again, to bring me to ecstasy with his masterful fingers and tongue.When he puts his hands ... read more

4 AUGUST MARRAKESH NIGHT FOLLOW US IN A BIG SUMMER EVENT! We give you an amazing experience.

... read more

Fun Tour

Hello friends, we traveling to Europe, looking for couples, group, fem, and males(selected), would love fun, me and my hubby like to explore new things, i want to try different hot things , message me on whatsapp +919002678291 would love to hear ... read more

Dreaming of a Day Without Hiding: Living One Life Instead of Two or Three Part I

After the interesting responses received in regards to my last blog post, I have decided to take it easy and write about something safe and unlikely to stir any controversy....So today I think I want to say something about AltSex, drugs, drug laws, and the striving to live authentically. I did think... read more


... read more


Anyone on the DFDS Seaways from Copenhagen to Oslo on 20 August 2018? ... read more

World Cup Week 2/7 to 8/7/18

2/7 Woke and spent day working and reviewing bits and pieces. Rita got good news just after lunch that her eldest had been found and was in a hospital in London receding treatment for his condition. Rita was overjoyed - ending a lot of uncertainty over the past few months. We headed to gym at 4.30 ... read more

WTF is happening at Cap D’AgdejQuery111009503147624117683_1531092831849?

We arrived a few days ago (for the SDC takeover) and have never seen so many clothes. We checked in to Eden and went out for supplies (water, champagne, Aperol, tequila, Cointreau, prosecco, limes...all the usual essentials) but for the first 5 minutes we thought we were in one of those scary dreams... read more

On Being a Single Guy...

We do grow on trees, and we can be purchased almost everywhere at the current price of a dime a dozen.My name is Single Guy, and we are legion. And we don't get much respect in the Swinging world.  If the Single Bi-Girl is the prized, elusive Unicorn, who is to be treasured, then the Single Guy... read more

Lessons learned from Friday and Saturday (S1 E9)

I want to try this new place, Legacy Food Hall. It’s supposed to be celebrity chefs getting together to create a super-high-end food court combined with craft beers, expensive wine by the glass and live music. Wife asks if we can get our great friends, Lawyer and SalesGirl, to come with us. They s... read more

LOL in the LS😆

So my wife and I hobby farm. When we talk to others about it, inevitably stock animals come up, then rabbits. So my wife starts rolling her eyes and giggling at this point. And not just beause her little pink vibrating rabbit is such a blast! There is more to it...Friend: So do you ever eat rabbits?... read more

The Swirl swinging suites

Countdown party invite list of list private party list I will invite for the Hot4BBC wives list for August in Las Vegas and South Florida.... read more


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WHITE PARTY around the swinming pool

SEE YOU THERE !... read more

Secret`s Hideaway Resort Review

Please allow me to introduce us before we post a personal review of a recent Secret’s Hideaway Resort visit. We are your absolute “normal” everyday Couple and parents to four kids aged 12 to 18. Our Adult playtime consists of quick evenings out and an occasional weekend away withou... read more