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Finding another woman to join us?

For my birthday my husband &nbspsurprised me with a three some with him another guy. I really enjoyed it and wanted to return the favor to him on his birthday. but unfortunately it’s been impossible to find a single women on here that would be interested in joining a. &nbspWhat’s the sec... read more

One or two photos

let`s see what I get here..lol as a single man obviously I look more for unicorns profiles to see if I find some kind of match but, I have noticed from most of them is that there are only 1 or 2 photos or some not even one....my question (s) &nbspis are they too shy? fake? or just being discrete... read more

After Thanksgiving party at Secrets

 We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary at Secrets (just south of Orlando) on Nov 24-25 :) cum and celebrate with us :)  we will have a meet n greet in our room (#157) on Saturday night at 6pm. My special Rum Runners, and finger foods will be furnished, just bring your willings bodies ... read more

Secrets after Thanksgiving

We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary on Nov 24-25 at Secrets, in Kissimmee (just south of Orlando) cum and celebrate with us--we`ll have a meet n greet at our room (#157) that Saturday night, at 6pm--my special blend of Rum Runners are furnished, along with some finger foods :)  all you need ... read more

Desire Cancun question

What is the difference between desire resort and desire Pearl resort ? Which one is more recommended ?We plan to be there at the end of Jan 2018… ... read more

luis birthday

we are accpect people unit 7pm so if any couple nd singles ladies wnt to join the party are welcome ... read more

Undisclosed Sexual Preferences

As a single male whose been privileged enough to travel and have fun with different types of people, one issue always seems to show it`s ugly head. Countless times I`ve come across a profile, read it in detail (to verify a possible connection), contacted the couple, exchanged pleasantries, met, and ... read more

I have a fantasy

I have a fantasy. I met a man online. He was experienced in things I wanted to try. He seemed confident but not cocky. He had that smoothie personality and you knew he was a leader type. He could navigate me through my fantasey. He was polite and knew his way around the life style crowd. He knew... read more

GroupSex at a Farm House

&nbspAs we had tasted the joy of swinging, we began to experiment more. We found an older couple in Pune, who loved hosting parties. They had a very palatial house with a pool. This is a story of one the first fun party we went to.&nbspWe arrived one afternoon and they were at least 20 peopl... read more

Shopping and swinging UK

We want to go to UK before xmas and want to shop gifts and also want to have fun in the evening, private meets or clubs. We been many times to London and love it but would love to try another city this time. Any advise?... read more

Male/Male interaction

In reading profiles we see `no&nbspbi play but not homophobic`   Can someone explain the difference?... read more

Lifestyle club in Dallas, Texas

We’re interested in traveling to Dallas, and wanted to attend a lifestyle club or nice lifestyle friendly club. Can anyone give us some suggestions about Dallas?... read more

Hot Bodies and Hot Minds Only :-)

How often have we seen that phrase - `hot bodies and hot minds only` or `gym fit only`. As if a hot body really means anything.  Sex, seduction and attraction is not really physical. What we usually find on this site, are a lot of wannabe`s who are looking to find that elusive element `sexual chemi... read more

What Was That Very First Full Swap Experience Like?

Hello Everyone,I couldn’t sleep so I decided to write this blog for some insight. I’m inquiring as the title says because I am having visions of seeing my lady give another guy oral, have intercourse, etc but I don’t know how I will feel in the moment and afterwards. A couple of weeks ago at R... read more

Looking for local fun

We are looking for parties around Charleston,  SC. We`ve been to a LCD party, but it wasn`t our scene. We love going to Trapeze in ATL, it`s just so far away. Any suggestions for parties in or around Charleston? ... read more

Desperately seeking inspiration

We are veterans in this crazy life. We’re open. Attractive. Funny. Humble. But we have hit a slump and don’t know why. This last weekend, we attended our second hotel takeover. Our first didn’t go so well in that we didn’t seem to be able to break into the crowd. This time we were determine... read more

Why bother..

So here`s the question.Why is it that men post profiles as a couple and even send pics &nbspof &nbspa female &nbspor pics &nbspof them &nbspwith a female &nbspand there is no &nbspreal &nbspfemale half of a couple that is &nbspbeing portrayed. SO WHY BOTHER..... read more

Hospital and Party Week: 30/10 to 5/11/17

30/10 I must have been really tired as I didn’t wake till 9.30. Quietist work day with a trip to the gym at lunchtime. Watched TV with Rita early evening and then bed.31/10 Woke at 3.30am! Couldn’t get back to sleep and so read emails and some articles. Caught up and posted the blog. Worked thro... read more

Learning To Read

The other day we posted travel plans for the period around Thanksgiving.  Those plans stated couples only this trip.  So far we have received 57 messages, 48 from single males, and including the majority of the couples, none of them read our profile.  We are very age specific and profile photo sp... read more

RV Spots Available San Antonio, Tx

Hi there SDC friends. We have been swingers for many years. Just throwing this out to our SDC friends. If anyone is visiting San Antonio for the clubs and needs a place to stay with your RV we have room on our 10 acres in San Antonio. We also have a 40ft RV available for rent. Very private and quiet... read more