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What makes you a BBC, BWC, BHC, etc?

First and foremost I just want to emphasize that I do not like these acronyms at all. I hate labels and it bothers me to see people refer to someone as an “object” rather than an actual human being who might be well endowed. But given the fact that many people refer to themselves as this or are ... read more

Stop the Madness!

I think enough is enough of the banter back and forth between certain singles and couples who post blogs. CLEARLY some of you are blocked for writing on others blogs. Maybe it was warranted maybe it wasn’t. I could care less. I totally understand blogs are for people to read and comment on. Whethe... read more

Speaking Of Thin Skin AND Short Fuses...

There you go, proving my point!!  Thanks guys, your response is appreciated.  Why did it take so long? ... read more

Speaking of `Thin Skin`

... read more

Speaking Of Blocking.......

Time for the quarterly check "who blocked me" list. Everyone should try this, you likely will be amazed at those you never met, with whom you never connected or communicated, have blocked you.Some people just have short fuses and/or thin skin. So go to the left column, clic "connect", then "contac... read more

Power of the `BLOCK` Button

Reading through blogs, I've realized most of the questions regarding things that are irritating or even infuriating can be solved with a simple press of the "block" button. It solves so many dilemmas and prevents unwarranted stress. Harassment, unwanted emails, unwanted view of your profile, unwante... read more

Hedonism in Jamaica

Hey guys,My husband and I have our Wedding anniversary coming up next month and wanted some opinions on couples and/or singles who have been to Hedonism Resort in Jamaica. We were curious about the Age range of the crowd, the atmosphere, the parties or events and if you liked it or not. Any response... read more

To Like or Not to Like

So how does this work.  We look at your profile, find it very sexy and we like it. You look at ours and think, they will do and you like ours back. We then send you an email. You ignore it.  Why did you bother liking us in the first place.All very odd or are we missing something here. ... read more

Couples visiting BBCs in all areas

At times when couples come into town with an interary to play or go out on events during the week or days. Keep in mind places like where I live in Vegas. Working BBCs like myself try to bracket times to meet and stay in constant contact with a work schedule on times that are able and willing to pla... read more

Too close to `Yikes !!!` for comfort

We aren't much different than many lifestyle couples, as we keep discretion key, for all the usual reasons. We'd often envisioned  our worst nightmare being one of our relatives (all who live at least 500 miles away) showing up for a surprise visit while we were in the midst of lifestyle mayhem... read more

Pattaya Summer Party

☀🌈The Summer Party ☀🌈14th June - 18th JuneDaily Breakfast 🍞🍜 starts @ 8am - 11amBeers, soft drinks, water, cup noodles & bread 24 hours available.3 dinner provided accept Day 3 Saturday AA style Dinner @ Silverlake area.*Thursday* Day 1 ~ 14th June.Party 1 (Icebreaker Party... read more

You Looked at My Profile but Did Not Write To Me..so you must be interested..right?,,,wrong!

One thing that has always puzzled us, and yes single males do it more, but couples do it to, is when we view a proifle and do nothing else, and the person writes to us apparently thinking that us looking at the profile amd doing nothing is an indication of interest.  Isn’t it the opposite? &n... read more

Tips for hunting vanillas

We are headed to Mexico in a few weeks for a vanilla vacation but already the fantasy of finding and converting vanilla folk is creeping into our minds.  Are there tricks or success stories you could share?  We’d love to lure some couple into our suite and corrupt them. We’d love to fi... read more

Stamina Trating Party Week: 9/4 to 15/4/18

9/4 MsN left at 7.30, followed by Rita’s eldest who stormed out for no real reason. I had a conference call and then left just before 1pm to meet MrS at Home House. Met MrS at 1.30 and had a nice chat and snack with him. Saw MsV and while S was busy on the phone had a nice chat with her. Left jus... read more

Blog rules

I just sent a message to the help desk, but I’m sure it’ll be a while before they get back to me. Maybe someone here can help with the questions I asked them. Essentially, I asked if there are any rules for posting in Blogs, and if anyone with authority monitors the Blogs. It would be nice ... read more

Vegas Swingers Options?

Can anyone give more details on Vegas swinger options?  I’ve gotten this much info so far.  Which is best for meetings couples in their 20’s-30’s with minimal/no single males on site?Whispers- at a local venue but I can’t get more info because only an email list is available to sig... read more

Vote them ALL OUT!If ever there

!f ever there was a better example of why you should vote against all of your current congresspeople I have never seen it.  Sen Orin Hatch, trying one more time ( along with the other 42 hacks present from the Senate) to bask in the  limelight, rather than actually doing something, actuall... read more


Any suggestions for a massage place that Caters to couples from sdc ?... read more

Dude from Long Island, NY at Player`s DFW on 6th of April, 2018

we are couple from North Texas had a party at Players DFW in Dallas on april 06,2018. I am the asian girl you flirted with. You said you are from Long Island,NY. and going to San Antonio the next day. I lost you somehow at the end of the party. Please contact me thru my by blog. I kind of miss you a... read more

SPAIN - JUICE 100 NAUGHTY, MAY 26th – JUNE 1st, 2018

Join us for some fun in the sun with some amazing couples in luxury surroundings with entertainment, catering, shows & DJ, limited amount of couples ! Come for a day or the entire event duration. ... read more