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Searching for a photo

Hoping someone can help me out here...Was browsing profiles and saw a photo of a lady in lingerie with a bottle of champagne in one hand and handcuffs in another.... I'm trying to find it or one similar. Arranging a photo shoot and the style of this photo was just HOT!They would have been in the Tex... read more

Poll testing

...... read more

Houses for a private party

Hello all,Does anyone know of any house or facility that may be available for rent to throw a swingers party?? Ideally medium to large size with the usual facilities required for the purpose ( showers, beds,...). Location : Tampa/ Lakeland/ Orlando or other Central Florida location.Thank you all,CHX... read more


Testing functions for the mobile site... read more

Sexually Transmitted Disease Gone, No Pregnancy, Would You Play Bareback?

You see many profiles where it is stated condoms only, but when you look at the photos, there is one of the couple bareback with someone obviously not their spouse.So got to thinking, what if there was absolutely no more issues with sexually transmitted disease, and there was no possibility of pregn... read more

Lack of Confidence

My wife and I have been members for quite some time, but it must be ten-year's since we have met anyone, on here or anywhere.I wanted to leave SDC, simply because it was always my wife who would be the boss when it came to meeting couple or single ladies, and as we hadn't been out to play it made se... read more


Looking for a hostcpl or male MFM ...Portugal, Spain, Rome, Moscow anywhere Europe .. Sep & Octany suggestions PM 😘 hotel host 😉... read more

Fantesy Fest 2018

We are so looking forward to attending Fantasy Fest again this year.  We are looking for hot playful couoles to hang out with.  We plan an early afternoon stroll down George Street each afrernoon starting from the Waldorf and returning by 4 or so, followed by  club hopping strol... read more

First meetings-How do you do them?

Hoping for some feedback from people. How do you handle first meetings? Dinner? Drinks? Straight to the fun!?! Do you prefer meeting for cocktails? Getting a hotel room and meeting in the lobby? Dinner? Set a date and time to attend a club?For those that meet with single males- Do you meet him ... read more

Fond Memories

I definitely enjoy it when my boy toy comes by ... read more

Looking for swing partner

Respected professional seeking female  to go to rooftop resort in january. Room has. 2 beds so you are free to have your own fun as well. This is more about a travel companion who is like minded .Also open to suggestions on how to best find a longterm partner interested in swinging. Everyone I ... read more

Cancun - Playa del Carmen

Hi All,We'll be visiting the Cancun/Playa del Carmen area in October. And we're wondering where we could go from some naughty adult fun? We know there are some lifestyle clubs in Cancun. But which ones are good and which should we avoid? Wish you all a hot and spicy weekend.xxx... read more

An experience we liked a lot!

It started with a little story my wife told me one night as we were in bed snuggling. She told me that once in her single teenage days her then boyfriend invited her to a party a friend of his was having. That night as she was getting ready for her boyfriend to pick her up, for some rea... read more

The e-vite to play hooky...

Leave... leave now and go get a room... text me the room number... I'll be close behind you...Kiss me... Suck me... Fuck me... Repeat until 5pm...... read more

Random Thoughts 1.2

The huntress enters the arena. A new conquest. No worries. It's time to slay him She is dressed in her weapons of choice with nicely french manicured nails and lipstick. In the arena, the ghosts of her prior conquests watch on. She is so ready He enters slowly. Watching his prey move with ease. ... read more

Board games

Which one are the best adult board games to break the ice and party in group? ... read more

Caliente Resort

Hello Everyone,Was hoping to get some feedback regarding potentially visiting Caliente for a weekend.Is it play friendly?  What is the crowd like?  Private parties?? We are not hardcore but do like to have fun and have never been to a clothing optional/nudist resort.I have heard that some ... read more

Tantra Chair

Hi!Has anyone used the Tantra Chair? We would love to hear your experiences!... read more

Sex toys

We are trying to find who knows how to buy sex toys in lebanon ?We are more then 300 members in lebanon and we hope to have support.Kisses... read more

Sex toys

We are trying to find who knows how to buy sex toys in lebanon ?We are more then 300 members in lebanon and we hope to have support.Kisses... read more