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Hotel De Vie - Farnham UK

Hi has anyone stayed at the Hotel De Vie in Farnham. Adults only and seems could be a fun place?... read more

NYE Parties

Whats your top three expectations about New Years Eve? Is going to a party important anymore?... read more

Joy Ride

I hope you get the chance to catch a reflection of yourself driving her through town. Your window down, your sunglasses on, and wearing a blue collared shirt like you had on today. You're a very attractive man on your own but, damn, in that car you are even handsomer, hotter, and sexier!Look at your... read more

Major bug!

This is all we get when we try to look at a profile. Any profile, even those that have said they like ours! We have over 100 photos in our main album and loads more in our folders. ... read more

Validation with no answer

Does any of you have ever validated somebody who accepted your Validation but they did not validate you back. Is that rude or just arrogance?... read more


Does anyone know of any nude beaches in Curacao to visit besides the nudist resort `The Natural`. Headed down for work but will have some free time. Also maybe any adult or lifestyle clubs.... read more

SDC App issue

FYI, I replied to an email through the SDC Android application. The only thing the receiver got was his original email. If I had not checked on the site with my computer, I never would have known they never got my reply. Another member replied to us and we received ou... read more

What a Week! 29/10 to 4/11/18

29/10 Yeh ! Monday again. Took Rita to the gym at lunchtime and had a short easy workout. Found out that Vue cinemas do a cheap Monday special at £5 per seat. Booked Bohemian Rhapsody for 6.30pm and we walked there a little early and went to Tapas Bar where we shared a bottle of rose and I had s... read more

Your ignorance makes you dangerous to all of us.

Let's pretend there is one magical STD test that can screen for ALL sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and give you instant results.You could have this test done at 9am and be negative for all STD's.A few minutes later you could have sex and be exposed to any number of STD's.A few minutes... read more


... read more


On a hot summer night Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? Will he offer me his mouth? Yes Will he offer me his teeth? Yes Will he offer me his jaws? Yes Will he offer me his hunger? Yes Again: Will he offer me his hunger? Yes And will he starve without me? Yes A... read more

Jerks At A Party

So we did 2 house parties this weekend and some people really are assholes. #1 Guys who pull off a used condoms and don't have the common respect to throw it in the trash. #2 people who drop beer bottles in the front yard of people hosting the party.....#3 Guest who steal anything.... expensive item... read more


I guess writing this should be easy. Writing is after-all what I do. In fact, erotica was one of the first things that I actually wrote. I wrote a fair bit when I was in New Zealand. Maybe it was a way of expressing my sexual side which I do repress in its more wild extremes. For example, I hav... read more

Senior Sex?

Just reading an interesting book by a sex researcher (a female) titled Untrue. In it she makes a prediction that the future of sexual experimentation will be lead by seniors. Any thoughts on that? We certainly haven't been slowing down as the years pass...... read more

Restriction to SDC

DearFriends,There is a restriction to accessing SDC website here in Turkey. Do you know any solution for that?Bests,M&P... read more

Lessons learned from this past Friday - S01 E18

We decide to go to WinStar Casino in Oklahoma to see Lady Antebellum in concert. So why not post a speed date? It could be a romantic evening just the two of us, or a bit more fun. We get one response.Lesson #1: we think we are funny and good looking, and we get only one response! It’s good to get... read more

Desire Pearl Nov 14-18

Would like to chat with New Friends or anyone attending DP on the above dates. Mr & Mrs. Jones will be doing a live podcast during that week. It'll be wild. Let's start the party now!! ... read more

The Mystery Dom

Know this: I am addicted to you. I have tasted your mind, and I cannot forget its flavour.” I have always been someone who is ready for adventure, maybe now even more than ever. The thrill of jumping into the unknown… meeting strangers and just vibe, no hesitation and no boundaries. Yes, I... read more

Driving pictures. Why?

So, I’ve noticed several profiles where the main  picture is someone in the front seat of their car. Is that really the best one can do to represent themselves on a swing site. Am I missing something? I’m driving... OK, not getting it. Any explanation? ... read more

Van GOD los!

In mijn jeugd werd seks gezien als iets dat alleen binnen een monogaam huwelijk mocht bestaan en alleen achter de slaapkamerdeur werd beleefd. Ik groeide op in een kerkelijk milieu en alles wat met genot of lust te maken had was in principe zondig. Omdat ik een serieuze jongen was, geloofde ik wat... read more