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If the Presidential Primary Candidates Were Swingers…

Reposted from: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/03/if-presidential-primary-candidates-were.html*Unfortunately the site blocked accompanying pictures that were posted on the original blog. Check out the actual blog to see t... read more

Desire Pearl

March 4 - 11   Headed to Pearl for some sun &amp fun !... read more

bbc gang bang for Mar 11-12-13

Hung blk studs welcum sw florida bbc gang bang for wht wives also... read more

Naughty Neighbors

http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2016/03/01/parker-county-swingers-club-could-be-forced-to-reveal-guest-list/... read more

Rita in Moscow: 15/2 to 28/2/16

15/2 Didn`t wake till 10am. Went to the gym at lunchtime but both of us still feeling tired from weekend. Had a quiet day working and ended up in bed at 9pm watching TV16/2 Much the same as yesterday but both feeling tired. Skipped gym and Rita popped out at 5.30 for a doctor`s appointment and to do... read more

Secrets Hidaway Orlando

Anyone ever been to Secrets Hideaway in/near Orlando? &nbspThoughts? &nbspThanks. ... read more

Blind Friend Requests

Those profiles that send a friend request without bothering to properly introduce themselves or say a single word to you first. The same ones that send the friend request, you accept, &nbspand you never hear from them ever. What is the point of adding someone as a friend and then never utter a s... read more

why do some girls freakout when it comes to swinging

recently i am dating a girl regularly , she is amazing , fun person and we enjoy our time together , she is sexy girl and we have amazing sex together ....the issue here is that she is not into swinging at all , i tried to open the subject with her few times and she totally freaked out , even one ti... read more

About time...

Go Leo....it was about time....... read more

The Blog Police

There is no such thing, just some that think their opinion is supreme. Ignore them.There is a more `tranquil` way of passing on info to the many newbies on the blogs.  Many here are frustrated by seeing so many blogs that are aimed at hooking up in some usually distant location.  This frustration ... read more

Safe sex - who are we kidding?

One of the things I like about SDC is that they let people list their `safe sex preference`. However, many people are not honest about it. I`ve been with `must use condoms` folks that never even hinted at them. And, I wonder when I see a couple where she is `must use condoms`, and he is not obviousl... read more

Bisexual looking for a connection next Thursday at 11:47 AM in Ubekistan...msg me

I am serious...... read more

Saturday fun

Hello everyone! Any couples in Singapore looking to have drinks later and a little fun? Message us, we`re really easy going and chill. Xoxo ... read more

Creampie Fantasy

Hi everybody...we always played as couple together whether with other couples or with single males , &amp have always enjoyed every single moment playing with others, but I have a fantasy that I would love to welcome my Mrs home after being out / after work ...etc &amp to find her full of Cr... read more

Days of the Week

Mounting/Musky MondayTwisty (not Tweeky) Tuesday Wet/Wanking WednesdayTantalizing/Titillating ThursdayFucking FridaySultry/Sweaty Saturday Sucking/Sharing SundayPost travel plans in the SPEED DATING section!Anything positive happen this week? Sexual or otherwise?!MrsH... read more


Attention all you people who insist on putting your speed date request in these blogs: STOP IT NOW!!! There is a feature on this site called `speed date`, guess what it`s for? It`s there for you to post your speed date! This is a blog section, no one wants to see your damn speed date here! If this c... read more

Does `BLOG` Mean SPEED DATE by chance?

Omg so many SPEED DATE NIGHT blogsPeople for real? Guess you think global date night gets you a better of interviews and passable play time?Not! ... read more

this weekend

would like to meet a beautiful women or a nice attractive couple this weekend for drinks in the bronx ... read more

friday fun!

Hey sexy people! my boyfriend and I want to make new friends have some drinks and maybe a little fun if you are in singapore message uso) we can host! hope to hear from you soono)... read more

Ramakien resort Pattaya

What a strange feeling nobody else staying at resort but the swimming freely naked in the pool is wonderful further updates to follow if I can find this blog later... read more