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       Posted by ELECTRICLOVERS Posted February 6, 2010 View Comments 0      
actually I have a alternate story

I am a recently divorced man, I am divorced because my former wife and I become far apart and nothing i common. Nothing worked and the life we had while was upscale was not lovin and fun. What I actuallly want in life is maybe something not to be had, can you build up my hopes and give me a spirit of hope in finding that special one. I am very sexual and do swing some, why cause like all of you like sex. However what i really what is what we all want but if I had a special lady I woul be forever happy.
She would be an attractive lady, self confident in her skin wearing a evening gown or blue jeans. She must have that attraction and make me want her physically but being attractive and sexy, but not a stripper type. A everyday woamn you might find in a grocery store, one who love life, children good mother, cleans house and loves her role as woamn of the home. Also a lady who would love to sit on a park ebnch sipping coffee and being happy sitting there with me cause we both know we love each other. One that when we kiss in a soft manner that stops the world from turning  and gives you chill bumps from a simple kiss. Someone who can look sexy and dress any part, maybe a seductive lady in a short sh=kirt, maybe a evening gown with gardners underneath and no panties, maybe no bra and with jeans on wearing a t shirt on the back of my harley, or just laying on the couch with her head in my lap on a rainy fall day listening to the rain hit the dry leaves with that fall chill in the air knowing I love her dearly while i stroke her face.  I want total love and the whole heart, but I want to show the same for her, I want love late in my life, if we want to have a lifestyle weekend fine if not fine, as long as we are toatlly honest, truthful and hides nothing from eachother we will be always best friends. i want a best friend and incredible sex.
I am successful and semi weathly but without love, nothing else is worthit without this special lady.
Are they out there, are they for real, are they on tis site, I promise I am truthful and honest about this and only here to find her or fill the missing areas in my life while being with others on this site. God please bring her to me. anybody know where she, tell her to come and contact me cause I am looking for here. I live within 50 mile radius of columbus ms.

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