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       Posted by ATLFUNGUY Posted February 10, 2009 View Comments 1      
broken rules

Elvis, I have been reading many of the questions and comments on here and find many of them very intersting but not really helpful in my situation.  My husband and I  have been married 20+ years.  We started swinging about 3 1/2  years ago.  I really wasn't wanting to but decided to so as to please my husband.  About 7 months ago we both wanted to try out "hall passes" with the agreement that the other knew in advance and gave permission for the pass.  We wanted to try it to see if it was something for us.  There was to be NO MEETING OR PLAYING if the other did not know in advance.  I had my first experience a few months ago.  My husband helped set it up so they knew in advance and even spoke to the other person participating.  He was even on the phone for most of the nite while I was enjoying myself.  Everything was above board. 

I found out later that he had another account listed as single.  I also found out that he had used this to "MEET" others without my knowledge.  I also found out that he was listed on other sites as a single and had us as a couple without me knowing it.  He says nothing happened on the "meet" but how do I trust that.  OUR aggreement was we were to have full disclosure.  I have been very open and honest about all of my conversations.  I copy and paste most of my conversations and send them to him.  He does not reciprocate and that also is apart of our aggreement.  Those are the rules that he set forth.  I really could use some advice on this.  I am ready to leave the lifestyle and him.  Not looking for a marriage saver from anyone.  Just looking for some input.  I appreciate anything you can give me.  Thanks.

by LARRY247 on March 31, 2009
WOW well he seams to be in the wrong on his end of the deal. It is suppose to be fun and enjoyable together but when you start sneaking around that is cheating. Now what you do about it is up to you. You can go with the new rules that he has made up or drop it all like it is HOT! To me the Hall pass thing is very risky your relationship has to be very very strong.

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