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       Posted by SZYSKIP Posted June 3, 2006 View Comments 0      
An Interesting Experience


We would like to share with you our first HOOK-UP at Trapeze. Well it was a Wednesday night in July. Suzy said lets do something tonight; we were visiting from Honduras where we live full time.  She had never gone to a strip club like Pure Platinum so I suggested that we go. She agreed and off we went. We watched the girls dance. Some were good, some were classy, and some were pretty bad. After a couple of drinks a very attractive girl asked Suzy if she would like a dance, she looked at me, and I said sure let's go. I guess she noticed Suzy’s approving glances.  I suggested a far more private place and off we went to another part of the club. Well this girl was good and turned Suzy on to the point of Suzy wanting to make a date to see her the next day. Sexual tension was running high. I suggested going to Trapeze.  Suzy said great let’s go.

Off we went to Trapeze. It was a little late by then, after 12 midnight, and as we had not planned to go to Trapeze, we had nothing to bring to drink. We tried Big Daddy’s but that was closed. Well moving along. We entered the club and started walking around. In a very short time a very attractive couple picked us up from Miami and Columbia. She was 25 He was about 40 -45. Slim and well spoken. They offered us a drink and we bellied up to the bar to get to know each other. I asked Juan if his wife was bi and he smiled and said very. We continued talking and some one suggested we get comfortable inside in private area of the club. First the girls kissed, then our hands all went racing for the each other’s partner. We were all pretty hot and kissing all around. We started into the back to change our clothes into our birthday suits.

When we finally got naked under our towels, there was no place to party until we found an empty clean private room. We all pumped on the bed. We paired off and started to kiss and suck at a great rush. I started sucking Janet’s pussy and it tasted so good I called Suzy over to get some. While she was sucking Janet, Juan was sucking her pussy and I was sucking Janet’s tits. We continued to eat each other out with Suzy dashing between Juan, Janet and me. She is a wild woman. Some how this turned out to be a soft swing. No decisions were made for it to be so but no condoms were introduced and no intercourse took place, except with out individual partners. Next time we will bring some, and be better prepared.

I have no idea how long we were in this state of nirvana but it sure was fun. Finally we fucked our wives and the men came too. We had a great time. We hung out for awhile longer and then went to get dressed. Suzy and I had a baby sitter. Juan and his wife may have lingered longer. I don’t know. Single guys were coming on to Suzy as we left. She thought it was fun and I guess it was okay with me also, but I think a meat rack of horny guys playing with them selves could create a problem if someone got too pushy.

What would we like to do differently? How could it be better? We would like more time to relax, be naked talk and of course fuck the women in different positions and different combinations of situations. We would like the girls to also have some private time to explore each other with the men out of the room. Not too long of course. At least time enough to cum a few times together. I finally realized the real beauty of a truly bi-sexual woman. The best of both worlds, they add another dimension to our sexuality.

We have to complain about Trapeze however. The Wednesday night on July 10, was the closest thing that I have ever seen to being a complete zoo. The good news is, we met a great couple and had great fun together. We look forward to our next experience. May be we will try Saturday Night. Couples only.

We went home to our hotel and made love. We are in love and swinging is just great sexual fun for us. It is nice to understand the difference between making love with your soul mate and having sexual fun with others. I sincerely believe that an outlet like the Lifestyle or Swinging can really help a good marriage. We all have desires; we all want to be validated as being attractive, and being desired. It makes a lot of good sense to have our egos rubbed in the correct way inside the relationship. Cheating in my view is totally destructive. It is a very harmful conspiracy between two people that really only want to be validated by each other. In most cases cheating couples really don’t want each other as lifelong mates or soul mates. They really don’t want to disrupt their present lives and switch partners and lifestyles. Cheating couples take the great risk of destroying their lives that they have worked so hard together to achieve. Swinging allows us to have that sexual freedom inside our marriage. Seems smart to me. But what do I know.





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