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       Posted by MISBEHAVING Posted June 20, 2011 View Comments 3      
Cancun Trip / Day two

The next morning we slept late. Around 11am we decided to go and get some food. Kate said she was a little nervous that we might run into our friends from last night. I mean, what do you say to someone the next day, after a night like that? That was our first time, so do we all hang out the next day or what? Kate and I giggled to each other as we sat down to eat. After lunch we hung out at the beach and pool area the rest of the day. We met several couple from all around the world, but he never saw our friends from last night again.

That night we stopped by the dance club at our resort. They were having some kind of Adult oriented party (oh course!!) The party was called “Card Night”. Not really knowing what that was we went back to our room and relaxed a little bite. About ½ hour later Kate said “hey you never told me what your favorite part about last night was”? I looked at her and said honesty? She said yes. I said well it was watching someone else make you cum, watching you suck another man’s cock, watching you got me hotter than I’ve ever been. This conversation ended up getting us both horny. Kate grabbed me, kissed me deeply, and then said; well maybe we should do it again?

With that we decided to head back to the dance club and have some sexy fun. Kate put on her little black silk dress, it was backless, and low cut in the front. She also put on a small black thong, but decided not to wear a bra. The party was getting ready to start when we got there. Seeing us walk in the door the host said, looks like we have one more couple, please come up here and take a card from the deck. We both went up and took one. The cards had a number on them from 1 to 25 (that’s because there were 25 couples in the room). Your goal was for everyone to walk around the room meeting others and trying to find someone with the same number as you. Even if you didn’t, you still got to meet a lot of hot and sexy people this way.

Kate went one way and I went the other. I found this firer little red head about 25 years old, she had the same number as me. This chic was smoking, 5’4”, maybe 110lbs. with very sexy eyes. She was way out of my league. But she seemed to be into the party theme so I played along too. The two of us talked and danced for about 30 minutes or so, then I slow song came on. She pulled herself close to me and started to grind herself on my leg. My dick was thumbing it was so hard. She smiled and said I see you like this! Hell yes I said, you’re so fucking hot! As the song went on she began kissing on my neck and licking my ear. I did the same back to her. When the song ended we were both ready for more. She said let go sit on the couch over in the corner. We sat down and starting making out right away. She was rubbing my cock thru my pants. I thought I was coming to cum right there. I stopped her before I did and pulled her over onto my lap, facing me. We kissed some more then she stared lap dancing on me. That was it; I had to have some of that pussy. I slide my hand up her firm legs, all the way to her panties. I rubbed on the front of her panties for a minute and she was loving it. She moaned and pulled herself onto my lap more. I moved her panties to the one side and slide my finger in her wet, hot, and clean shaven pussy. She began grinding her pussy on my finger and moaning in my ear as she had her arms wrapped around me tight. She was breathing heavier and heavier now. I wanted to make her cum now so I slipped another finger in. She moaned even louder now, I started thrusting  my fingers in and out of her until she came two or three times in a row. She then climbed off my lap and kissed me one very deeply one more time. As she did her husband talked up and sat next to us. He said, that was fucking hot. I’ve never seen her cum without be fucked before. He told us that the girl that match his card and he didn’t really hit it off. He said he was really to go back to their room, he asked me if I wanted to come with them? I looked around the room and didn’t see Kate anywhere so I declined the offer and we said good night.

I walked around the club looking for Kate. We had been at the club for an hour and a half now and we both seemed to have forgotten about each other. Finally I found her sitting across the room making out with some guy. He looked to be about 30 yrs old, around 6’3”, 200lbs with a slaved head (looked like he had slaved arms and legs too, probably a weight lifter). I watched as they hugged and kissed each other. That lead to some heavy petting and some serious body grinding. After about 10 minutes Kate stood up and walked over and went into the bathroom. As she came back out I approached her. She said, I saw you with your little red head, she was hot! Then she said, here, will you hold this for me? She handed me her black panties and walk back over to her new friend. HOLY SHIT! This was unbelievably hot!

Kate sat down on her friends lap and started kissing him some more. He had both his hands up her dress and was cupping her ass. She started grinding her pussy on his lap. They were really getting into it. Then Kate did something I never thought she would do. While sitting on his lap she reached down between his legs and pulled his cock out of his pants. She grinded on his cock for about 10 minutes until they both seemed to be having an orgasm. After they came together, Kate kissed him on the lips and then just walked away. She walked back over the me. I said OMG, Your so hot! I can’t believe how much I enjoyed watching you, but I never thought you would ever fuck someone else. Kate smile and said, well I didn’t really fuck him. I wanted to, but I just rubbed my pussy back and forth on his cock. Feeling his throbbing cock slide up and down my pussy lips while the head of his cock rubbed on my clit was amazing!

All this talk made me horny again so we decided to go back to our room and finish the night off right. As we were walking back to our room, Kate looked at me and said, you thought I was fucking him? Did you like that? Would you really want to see me getting fuck by another guy? I said, up until that point, I never thought I would like it, but seeing you with him tonight made me want you to. Kate stopped in her tracks, looked deeply into my eyes and said, well then let’s do it! One time! Right now! Tonight! Before I change my mind! She said you go back to the club and get him and I’ll go back to the room and get ready for you two.

I didn’t say a word. I hurried back to the club, as I did I was thinking how hot this was going to be. Seeing my wife suck and fuck another man. See him make her cum right there in front of me. I couldn’t wait!

I went into the club. Ran around looking everywhere for this dude, But He was nowhere to be found!

by DRJGL46 on June 27, 2011
Maybe the next night you will get to try out the play room behind the disco

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