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       Posted by BB4INTERRACIAL Posted August 17, 2011 View Comments 1      
Fantasy Cum True For a Hott Blonde
For the sake of privacy, let's call her "Janet"
A little background on Janet, she's a 5'9" goddess with blonde flowing hair, gorgeous model face and an ass that doesn't need to be bent over to be appreciated, not to mention perfectly round 36D melons capped off by the juiciest nipples ever seen on a woman. Long legs that put even Cameron Diaz to shame, I imagine they look amazing in her little business suits. See Janet works as an internal auditor for a well know Fortune 500 company, which requires her to do quite a bit of traveling. As you can imagine that would frustrate any healthy and almost always horny regular 28 yr old MARRIED siren. We met as a result of a friend of a business associate and unknown to the others hit it off more than with just business ideas. Skipping past all the mundane occurrences, I’ll get to what changed things for both of us.


So here I am pulling into the parking lot of the 4 star hotel that Janet's company had put her up in, quite nice I might add. Turning the engine of my car off I recline back in the seat and wait for my next set of instructions. Yeah, we had decided to play a little game Simon Says: The Erotic Fantasy Version, a combination of both our fantasies. But tonight Janet is holding all the cards, which makes me smile, this little nympho is far from what everyone sees while she's in her suits, carrying her little portfolio and making notes. Rick James' Superfreak blasts over my blackberry shattering the silence in the north side parking lot, yup that's the first word that came to mind after our conversations over the last 6 hours, she's a FREAK, but I fucking love it.

"There should be a door behind you leading into the hotel, walk towards its and you'll find an access card laying on the floor outside, use it to get in...oh btw the room's 208"

I get out my car and head back to the building behind me; I recognize they aren't any cars here except for a few maintenance trucks belonging to the hotel. Something tells me she's done this before, but whatever. As Janet said, when I got to the door flipped over on the sidewalk was an access card. I let myself in realizing there wasn't a single person in sight, I walked down the corridor, eventually passing the front desk and saying hi to the receptionist. Eventually I came to the elevator and took it to the 2nd floor, navigating through the corridor I came to room 208.

This latch was left open to leave the door afar, as previously instructed once inside the completely dark room I locked the door behind me, dropped the access card on the floor and slipped my shoes off. Walking over towards the king size bed in the corner of the room, I’m guided only by the light from her cell phone. Even with my eye's adjusting to the lack of light I could make out her gorgeous body on the edge of the bed, not much else was visible, which is exactly what Janet wanted. As I stood there with my hands on my hips, I could hear Janet's moans getting louder and louder and her breaths shorter and shorter as she thrust her bright orange vibrator in and out of her already juicy pussy. The sound of her juices splashing around was so hot I think my cock became hard instantly. Janet reached out and grabbed my cock, never stopping fucking her pussy good with her favorite toy. In perfect sync she thrust the vibrator deep in her pussy and jerked my cock off at the same time, every few seconds you'd hear the distinct buzzing of the vibrator as more and more of it slipped out of her juicy cunt.

In one swift movement Janet slid off the bed and onto her knees and sucked every length of my cock down her throat. I must admit, I gasped, both unexpected and heavenly. Her mouth was like nothing I can explain, like the juiciest, tightest pussy you've ever felt, but better....much better. I had to focus on not cumming in her mouth right there and then. I still don't know how I did it. My cock was already at full attention at this point, Janet let my spit drenched cock slip from her vice like mouth and crawled back onto the bed on her hands and knees. I knew what she wanted. *smile* So I gave it to her.

I got up on the bed behind her and slammed my dick balls deep into her soaked pussy, no need to be gentle, that's not what Janet wanted. She just wanted it hard and deep, the way her husband doesn't and can't give it to her. So much for not talking, Janet is screaming at this point, she's trying her best to not break her own rules but it's hard when you have an 8"+ piece of black meat stretching your pussy in ways that are new to you. With my hands on her hips I’m giving it to the little hot white bitch the way she begged for it, long, deep strokes setting her g-spot on fire with each thrust. Janet tries to hold back but it's no use she screams out she's cumming and I feel her pussy grip my cock and I repeatedly slam inch after inch deep into her. Three more orgasms later for Janet and her legs can no longer support her; she slumps to the sheets with my cock buried in her creamy white pussy. You'd think she had enough, not this little slut; she slips her hand under the pillow and pulls out a slightly smaller vibrator than the one she was using when I first got there. She sucks on it long and hard like it were another BBC in the room, and then she slips the shiny vibrator in her hott ass. Not slowly, she pushed the entire length all the way in and reached back and put that bitch on full blast. Strong vibrations ripped through both our bodies, her pussy started to clamp down on my hard dick again as she came uncontrollably. Feeling her juicy cunt squeeze dick so tight was more than enough for me, i yelled out "I'M CUMMIN, I'M FUCKING CUMMIN". I slammed the entire length of my cock to the depths of her hot pussy and shot load after load of hott thick black man juice deep inside Janet, so much so while I was still buried deep inside her my cum was running down her thighs. When I pulled my cock out of her used pussy she gasped. I stepped back wiped my cock in her lingerie that was on the floor, Put my shorts and shoes back on, and walked out the door, Janet had passed out on the bed. I closed the door behind me and just smiles as I walked through the lobby of the hotel and got in my car and drove away.

When I got home I realized Janet had sent me two texts:

"OMG that was soo hott baby, I think we have to do that again the next time I'm in town, ty I'm going to go sleep now, I needed that...xoxo"

I laughed, "Glad I could make your fantasy cum true doll...ttyl"

Getting out of the shower I think to myself, 'Yup another white slut hooked on BBC"

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