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       Posted by MARKETING Posted March 31, 2010 View Comments 0      
First Time and the Mystery Man

My husband I had talked for years about fucking other people but never got past the occasional role play in the bedroom. Our time in the bedroom had become routine and boring. Over time we lost interest in each other, and before we knew it we had drifted apart. It was not really anyone's fault but after 30 years we stopped communicating both emotionally and physically.

I was mentally and physically preparing myself to go out on my own. I began to go to the gym and work out on a regular basis. I lost over 20 pounds. I got a new hairstyle, and went shopping for myself for the first time in ages. I turned 50 during this time, and found myself looking at my own self in a different way. i would walk down the street, and men would stop and stare. I never considered myself sexy or really pretty, but i couldnt help but feel that men at the stores or at work, were looking at me in ways that I never noticed. i found that in some ways, it excited me too. During the day, i would find myself getting wet, just thinking about the man I saw at the gas station, or the waiter trying to look down my blouse at lunch.

During my transformation, I noticed my husband was "checking me out" too. If I wore a short skirt to the grocery store, when i got back - he would come up behind me and give me an extra hard hug. Then after a while he started to go with me to the grocery store. I could see him watching the men who were watching me. usually when we got back in the car, he would comment that guys were looking at you, or that you were giving every guy in the store a hard on. He began to initiate sex more on a regular basis, getting hard ons almost every night. It wasnt long before we were fucking again almost 3-4 nights a week, and several times over the weekend. I had only been with one other man before I met my husband. i found myself wondering what another cock would feel like in my hand, or in my mouth, and sometimes if I let myself - I would try to imagine a man laying on top of me - with a hard cock - in my pussy.

One night during an intense fucking session, my husband asked me if I had ever thought about having a threesome. i just assumed he meant another woman. Imagine my surprsie when he suggested that he would like to see me with another man. A few days went by, and i brought it up again, and while i was stroking his cock, I could tell the thought was really exciting him. I began to describe what I would do with another man. I told him how i would suck his cock, and let him eat my pussy. Before I could finish he came with almost an explosion.

The next day we both got on the internet and began to research what we found out was called swinging or "the lifestyle". We found a club in our city and got the courage to visit. I didnt know how to dress or what to expect. We entered and found a table, and began our initiation into the world of hard and soft swaps. We didnt enagage anyone during our first couple visits. We only went and observed, asked questions, and had fun rediscovering the bonds between us. I began to buy sexier clothes and shoes that i now called my "club clothes".

One visit at the club was a night where single men were present. We sat at our table and danced, and watched the other couples, not expecting anything different that night from our usual but fun routine. Then I noticed a very tall, handsome man standing off to the corner of the floor. My husband noticed him too. He gently nudged me and suggested that I go ask him to dance. To my surprise I did! He was very respectful, and very friendly. During several dances - I brushed closer to him letting my breasts graze against his chest, or push my hips into his cock (which i could feel was very hard). During one part of the dance I turned my back into him and let his hands cup my breasts, while I reached behind me to let my hand rub on his bulging cock. I joked with him and said I want to make my husband jealous. He remarked that by the look on your husband's face - that he was enjoying it.

I brought him over the table to meet my husband. We sat and enjoyed a few drinks, and I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by two men with hard ons that wanted to fuck me! I couldn't comprehend it at first, but then the more I realized it, the wetter I got. The man began to stroke my leg and work his way up my skirt. I didnt have panties on , and I was getting nervous thinking my husband was geting upset. I looked over at him and he was watching the man's hand move up my thigh, and he reached over and began to kiss my neck. I let out a sigh, and opened my legs a little to encourage the hand now moving to the inside of my thigh. My husband had reached inside my dress and unbuttoned the front to let my breast spill out. I closed my eyes and felt a finger enter my pussy, while a mouth closed on my nipple at the same time. I felt bolts of electricity enter my body and i adjusted myself in the chair to give both of them better access to my body.

The man scooted his chair back and knelt down in front of me. He parted my legs, and began to lick my pussy which was now dripping wet. As he was sucking on clit, my husband was sucking my tits. The feeling was incredible. He licked me untill it felt my pussy was on fire. I let out a load moan while i had my first orgasm. The man got up and sat back in his chair and unbuttoned his pants, and took out a very large hard cock. I was drawn to it and to him. i stroked it twice before i bent over and took him in my mouth. I didnt even think about it. I let my mouth slide down his shaft and heard him moan. It felt good to know that i could return the pleasure he had given me. For a few minutes i forgot all about my husband. All I wanted to do was suck this magnificent cock until it exploded in my mouth. But my husband had not forgotten. I felt him pull my hips out of the chair and raise my ass in the air. I looked up for one split second to realize that we were still at our table and had gathered a small audience. I saw a couple of guys had taken out their cocks and were stroking them or were being stroked by other women who were watching too. I quickly put them out of mind, and returned to sucking the cock. I felt my husband's cock enter my incredibly wet pussy. I could hear him telling me to suck the cock harder while he pumped me harder and faster. i was so wet that I could hardly feel his big cock slide in and out. in a few minutes I could feel him cum as he rammed himself all the way to his balls into my cunt.

I felt myself being pulled down into the chair. I fought at first because I didnt want to take that sweet tasting cock out of my mouth. but i let myself be guided down not knowing what was coming next. I didn't care - every nerve in my body was tingling and I just wanted to cum over and over again. The man pulled me forward in the chair and got on his knees. He took his cock, and slid it into my pussy. I gasped and pulled him deeper into me. I laid my head back and felt my husband caressing my neck, and then cradling my head in his hands. He held my head like it was on a pillow. I felt my body being bucked back and forth while the man's cock rammed in to me over and over again. I felt waves of cum washing over me until I lost count. Then I heard him moan and felt him shudder. my pussy was so wet - I barely felt him cum but could feel his cock pulse in quick jerks until he slumped forward. He got up and kissed me so gently, and when I opened my eyes - he was gone.

I opened my eyes and looked around. There was a circle of people around us and they all applauded. I got embarrassed, and pulled my dress down. But then I felt, sexy, good, and the center of attraction. I asked my husband to take me home. When we got home, we fell into bed, and his cock was rock hard. I just opened my legs up and pulled him into me. We made love three more times that night, and havent missed a night since.

We dont know if we can re-create that night. But when we return to the club - i will be looking for my mystery man.

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